Loved By A Vampire? (Sequel To Loved By A Vampire?)

“W-what is this?” I said tears brimming in my eyes. Suddenly Louis took a step forward and kneeled on the ground.

“Jealyn Hope Chris, I’ve been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” I could feel the tears start to stream down my face and I was speechless.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I would be honored to be your girlfriend!”

*Please read the first book before starting sequel*


29. Chapter 27

   Chapter 28


As I kept walking down the familiar path I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was I needed a place to cool down so I went to the only place I knew how. The place I had always gone to escape. The place that was always there for me. The place that I liked to call my own. The stream.


Yep, you read that right, the stream. You see, somewhere deep in the woods there’s this little stream like thing that I had stumbled across a few years back. Ever since then this has always been the place I had come to get away. The place I would always come to escape the world around me.


You see, when I was younger I was always bullied. I guess you could say it never really stopped until I got kidnapped. I never really understood why they picked me out of all people to pick on. But I guess I just wasn’t good enough for them. I mean, I will admit, I’ve always been a bit different than everyone else. While everyone else was interested in sports, music, art, and other things like that I’ve just always been more of a dreamer. I’ve always been the type of person to take my dreams and create my own little world in the form of writing. But I guess people didn’t really like my ideas and my thoughts so they picked on me. If only they could see me now right? I mean look what my life’s become. I’m currently traveling the world with a world famous boyband and my amazing hot celebrity boyfriend.


What do you think anyone and everyone who had put me down before would think of me now? I could finally prove to them that I am something. That I’m not just another useless person who can just be pushed around. Because in reality nobody’s useless.


Everyone has a purpose in life and a reason why they're here. It’s just the matter of finding what your purpose is. And although I haven’t one hundred percent found out my purpose I did find the place I belonged. And that place is right here with my amazing boyfriend and the idiots I call friends. And that’s when I knew I could never stay mad at my boys. No matter how pissed off they made me. I love them too much.


Standing up, I began to make my way back to the hotel. But that’s when I ran into someone, Christopher. Wait a second, Christopher?


“Oh my gosh Christopher! What are you doing here? I thought you lived in manchester?” I asked confused.


“I do, but I have some family here so I thought I’d pay them a little visit. I was just going for a little walk and I ran into you!” He explained,and I nodded my head in conformance,


“Well, it’s great to see you again. I honestly thought I’d never run into you again,” I admitted truthfully.


“well, I’m here aren’t I? And while I am here would you maybe want to go get a coffee with me?” He questioned, causing me to freeze for a moment. Should I? I mean I know I have a boyfriend and all but were just friends right? There’s no reason why two friends can’t go out and drink a coffee together right?


“You know what, why no?. We’re just friends right? Lets go!” I exclaimed, before grabbing his hand and leading us to a run down coffee shop on the outskirts of town. A place where no one is sure to recognize me. And that’s how I intend to keep it.


“What would you like love?” He asked, breaking me from my thoughts,


“Oh, um, just a vanilla frap is fine. Here, let me pay for it,” I offered, pulling out a crisp twenty I had stolen from Louis. What? Don’t give me that look. He’s the one who kidnapped me and got me pregnant. Besides, he owed me money anyways. We had a bet and he lost whether he wants to admit it or not. So I technically didn’t steal it.


“No that’s alright love I got it. You are the lady after all,” he said, acting like the gentlemen he is.


“Why thank you, but it’s really not necessary. I have more then enough money to pay for it,” I said, and it really wasn’t a total lie. I may not be filthy rich but what do I need money for anyways? I’m kidnapped, what all am I suppose to do with money? I’m not even suppose to leave the bus, hotel, or house without one of the boys. Heck, I’m probably going to get a mouth full from Liam when I get back. I’m not exactly going to enjoy it but he put this upon himself. He shouldn’t have pissed me off.


“No, I’m the guy I’m suppose to pay not you. Besides, it’s the least I can do for literally full on running into you back in Manchester,” he argued on, taking my twenty back and handing it to me. I only rolled my eyes and handed it to the annoyed looking cashier.


“Can one of you just pay already so I can get on with my job?” She rudely asked. I only rolled my eyes at her before handing her my twenty as she shoved it into her cash register, before handing me my change. Ya, I don’t think this girl likes us very much.


“I am going to pay you back,” Christopher declared, once we were out of earshot of the bitchy cashier.


“No your not. Besides, who’s to say I’ll ever see you again? You don’t even know where I live,” I pointed out.


“Well, judging by your accent I’d say you just moved to England not to long ago. Now I can’t quite tell which area of England but you seem to have a bit of a mixture accent,” he explained, I only nodded my head in conformance.


“You’re right, I did recently move to England. I’m currently living in London with my boyfriend and a few friends,” I explained, not completely lying.


“Oh, I kind of figured a pretty girl like you would have a boyfriend. Then there’s the fact you’re pregnant,” he said with a shrug, causing me to blush.


“You think I’m pretty?” I asked, causing him to give a slight nod.


“Well ya, who wouldn’t think your pretty? You could be a model if you wanted,” he explained, causing me to blush a deeper shade of red.


“Well, that’s very sweet of you but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. Models are perfect, and I’m far from perfect. Besides, why would I want to be perfect anyways? Perfects over rated,” I said, causing him to nod.


“Well love, it’s been great hanging out with you but I should probably get going,” he said, I only nodded my head in agreement.

“Ya, me to. My boyfriends probably wondering where I am,” I explained, giving him a quick hug before beginning my long journey back to the hotel. I just hope Liam and the boys won’t be too terribly mad at me. But, time can only tell right?

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