Loved By A Vampire? (Sequel To Loved By A Vampire?)

“W-what is this?” I said tears brimming in my eyes. Suddenly Louis took a step forward and kneeled on the ground.

“Jealyn Hope Chris, I’ve been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” I could feel the tears start to stream down my face and I was speechless.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I would be honored to be your girlfriend!”

*Please read the first book before starting sequel*


28. Chapter 26

                                                                            Chapter 27


As I walked back into the hotel room I was surprised to see that the boys weren’t back yet. Oh thank god hallelujah! I might actually get away with something!


“Where have you been all day missy?” A voice asked, causing me to jump ten feet in the air. As I spun around to face the voice I saw Bree standing in the doorway with arms crossed. I only gave her an innocent look.


“Oh ya know, places,” I simply said. She only glared at me in return.


“You went home didn’t you! You went home while you knew nobody would be there. Don’t lie to me Jealyn because I know the truth. So tell me, how’d it go?” She asked, surprising me. I could have sworn she would have been mad at me or something. I mean, I did kind of put her boyfriends freedom at risk. Well, kind of. I guess if something was to happen Harry could just hypnotize them. But that’s not the point!


“Wait a second, so you're not mad?” I asked, still slightly shocked.


“No, why would I be mad? You’ve been kidnapped for almost a year. If I was you I’d want to go back home to. It’s not like you got caught or anything. Wait, you didn’t get caught or anything did you?” She asked, I once again gave her an innocent look.


“Well, ok yes, I did caught. But it’s a great story really. You see, as I was walking down the street I ran into someone. Well, that someone happened to be Jayden. I tried to disguise myself the best I could but he eventually figured it out. But, before you start freaking out on me he agreed to keep me a secret as long as I promise to call him. Which obviously I agreed.” I explained, just waiting for her reaction, yet fearing it at the same time.


“Aw Jea, that’s fantastic! You got to see your brother again! But you know Liams not going to be very happy when he finds out…” She said trailing off. I only shot her a look.


“But you’re not going to tell him right? Bree Ann Summers promise me you won’t tell him!” I begged, she only held her hands up in defence.


“I won’t tell him I swear. But knowing Liam he’ll eventually find out. You just better hope he doesn’t,” she said, while walking away. It was only then a voice spoke from behind causing me to once again jump ten feet in the air.


“Tell me what?” The sound of Liam’s voice said behind me. And that’s when I knew I was in trouble. Why does Liam have to have such good timing?


“Oh ya know, just how much I love you!” I exclaimed giving him a quick hug. He clearly didn’t buy it though. Because as soon as the words escaped my mouth he immediately crossed his arms over his chest.


“Jealyn, don’t lie to me. Tell me what you did right now. Did you break something? Please tell me you didn’t break another microwave! Jealyn, did you break another mircowave?” He sternly asked. Like a father scolding his kid. Which I suppose in a way was the case. Ever since I was kidnapped Liam kind of took over the father figure in my life. Which I guess in a way kind of explains our relationship. Liam annoys me and gets on my nerves but I love him anyways. Much like a daughter feels towards her father.


“No Liam, I did not break another microwave! Now, I might have broken a mirror this morning but I did not break another microwave! Geez, you break one microwave and you get labeled for life!” I exclaimed, shaking my head.


“What did you do then? Don’t make me go ask Bree,” he warned, I only shrugged my shoulders. He could ask Bree all he’d like but we made a promise. And when we make a promise we never break that promise.


“Ok, that’s fine. You can go ask Bree all you’d like but she’ll never spill. We have a promise,” I said shrugging. Liam only rolled his eyes at me before walking off towards Bree’s room. I just sat on the couch while the other boys gave me a suspicious look. I only smiled innocently at them.


“SHE DID WHAT!” I heard a voice exclaimed, followed by an angry looking Liam walking over towards me.


“Jealyn Hope Chris, why didn’t you tell me sooner that your brother found out you’re alive! Do have any idea how big of a deal this is? Do you realize how much is at risk right now!” He exclaimed, as he continued to ramble on. I just gave him a bored look in return.


“Liam, just relax ok? Everything is going to be fine. Yes I did run into my brother. However, after explaining almost everything he said he understood and he wouldn’t tell a soul. So you see Liam there’s really nothing to worry about. Do you honestly think I would have just left him there if I had any doubts in my mind about him keeping this secret? Come on Liam, have a little faith in me,” I said, maybe a bit too harsh. But you know what, I’m sick of always being treated like a kid around here.


So what if I’m younger than them? So what I’ve made a few mistakes here and there? Does that only give them the right to go off and treat me like I’m some little four year old? No, no it doesn’t. And I’m so sick and tired of everyone thinking it’s ok! Heck, even my own boyfriend treats me like a child! I’m honestly done with it.

“You know what, I honestly can’t take this anymore. I’m almost eighteen years old. I think I have the right to make my own decisions! So, call me when you can stop treating me like some child.” And with that I walked right out of the hotel without even the slightest idea as to where I was going. All I knew was I was mad, angry, depressed, and most of all tired. Tired of always being underestimated. Tired of always being looked at as if I didn’t have the ability to make my own decisions. All I knew was I needed to let loose and blow off some steam. And that’s exactly what I did.

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