Loved By A Vampire? (Sequel To Loved By A Vampire?)

“W-what is this?” I said tears brimming in my eyes. Suddenly Louis took a step forward and kneeled on the ground.

“Jealyn Hope Chris, I’ve been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” I could feel the tears start to stream down my face and I was speechless.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I would be honored to be your girlfriend!”

*Please read the first book before starting sequel*


14. Chapter 12

                                                            Chapter 12

  “Louis, when can we find out what the gender of the baby is?” I asked Louis, as we sat on a hot stuffy tour bus. We were currently on our way to Manchester. And although I was excited to see more parts of the world, I absolutely hated this tour bus! It’s so small and crammed and not to mention stuffy. It doesn’t help when you’re trapped on one with five rowdy boys. Oh the joy.  

“I don’t know love, maybe we should take you to a doctor for a checkup,” Louis suggested, and I eagerly shook my head. there was no way in hell I was going to a doctor. Those things are like walking death traps.  

“Your pregnant babe, you’re eventually going to have to go to the doctor,” Louis sighed, I only rolled my eye’s.  

“I’m a vampire remember? I can’t exactly show up at the doctors and have them find out what I am now can I?” I questioned, only getting a laugh from Louis.  

“Aw love, they have vampire doctors to,” louis said with a smirk, causing my eye’s to widen.  

“Well, we don't need to go to one. That’ll not be necessary,” I said with a smile.  

“Babe, you need to conquer your fears and go the doctors,” Louis said, and I only shook my head.   

“Please don’t make me go! Those things are like walking death traps,” I exclaimed, and louis only let out a sigh.  

“I’m sorry love, but you have to go. I should probably take you on our next stop,” Louis said, giving me an apologetic smile. I only sighed in response.  

“When is our next stop?” I hesitantly asked.  

“We arrive in Manchester tomorrow morning,” Louis answered.  

“Your busy tomorrow right?” I asked, sounding hopeful.  

“Nope, but we do have a doctors appointment,” Louis said with a slight smirk, I only shook my head eagerly.  

“No, please don’t make me go!” I begged, Louis only gave me a sympathetic look.   “I’m sorry love, it’s for the best,” Louis said, before walking towards the bunks.  

The next day couldn’t have came any slower. because before I knew it I was sitting anxiously in the waiting room of the doctors office. To say I was scared was an understatement. I was terrified!  

Relax babe, you’re going to be fine,” Louis reassured me. But how could I be so sure? What if something goes wrong? What if they go to draw blood and they take too much? What if they end up sticking a needle too far up my arm and I die? No, stop it Jealyn! Gosh, why do I over think everything?  

“Babe, you’re worrying too much. Just calm down alright?” Louis said, and I nodded my head trying to take his advise. That is until the doctor called my name.  

Jealyn Chris?” A doctor called out, and immediatly my heart began to race.   

“T-that’s me,” I stuttered out, as I walked closer to him, Louis pushing me slightly.   

“Great, right this way,” he said, leading us into a room. He soon had me lay down on a bed and started rubbing gel like substance around my stomach. And as soon as it came in contact with my skin I instantly flinched back but instantly calmed when Louis grabbed my hand.  

“Ok, if you’ll look up at the screen you’ll see an ultrasound of the baby,” the doctor said, as an image appeared on the screen. As soon as the picture appeared it brought tears to my eye’s. That was my child. It was my flesh and blood.  

“It’s so beautiful,” I heard Louis breath out, and I nodded in agreement.  

“Well, I have a bit of some news for you guys,” The doctor said, causing my heart to race. What does he mean by news? Whenever you hear a doctor say ‘news’ it’s never a good sign.  

“News? What kind of news?” I heard Louis ask nervously.  

“Well, it would appear you two are having twins.”  

A/N So there having twins! Did anyone honestly see that coming? 

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