Am I Perfect Now?

Finn Harries, the guy who stole my heart, but also broke my heart. I needed Finn. He was my last hope. But, he broke my heart, so I turned to his brother Jack. Jack is now my rock, my last hope. But I can't stand the sight of Jack, he reminds me too much of Finn...

Cover by Beautifully Unorthodox


4. Tangled In A War With Yourself...

"Jack" I mumbled. "I- I can't"

"Yasmin, I know that you're tangled in a war with yourself at the moment, but please give me a chance. I promise I won't break your heart like my dick of a brother did"

You just don't get it, Jack. Do you? Someday, you will break my heart. I know it.

"No, I'm sorry. I can't trust anyone." I stood up and walked back to the hotel, alone.

Your brother was a dick, but I know you can be too

My thoughts echoed in my mind. When I arrived at the hotel, I didn't awknolegde Dan Howell and Marcus Butler stood in the lobby, I just kept on walking to my room. I looked down at my phone, seeing that I have an unread text...

Marcus 💖

Hey, you okay? You seemed really pissed off when you walked past me and Dan in the lobby. Everything alright? Xx

How nice of Marcus to check if I'm alright. I texted him back a 'Yeah, didn't want to talk to anyone, that's all xx' and switched off my phone. Might as well get some sleep before Jack gets back. Oh shit. I have to share a room with a man who kissed me...

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