Am I Perfect Now?

Finn Harries, the guy who stole my heart, but also broke my heart. I needed Finn. He was my last hope. But, he broke my heart, so I turned to his brother Jack. Jack is now my rock, my last hope. But I can't stand the sight of Jack, he reminds me too much of Finn...

Cover by Beautifully Unorthodox


5. I Only Have Myself To Blame

I must have been asleep for quite a while because when I woke up, it was light. I reached for my phone and switched it on.

2 unread messages

The screen light up. Urgh. I opened the first one


Hey, I was wondering if we could go out for coffee and maybe catch up. I'm sorry for everything x

Oh, so he thinks he can just wonder in my life after he slept with 5 girls...

I thought. I didn't reply and opened the other text


Hey pretty girl! Just wondering if you wanted to go out with me and Alfie today and maybe do a collab x

I smiled. I've never been asked to do a collab before.

To: Zoe💕

Yeah, sure. Just pop 'round to my hotel room in 10. I'll be ready x

I sent the text and then my phone began to ring. I didn't bother to check the caller ID, I just picked it up.


"Hey, it's Finn"

Oh fuck

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