Big Brother 16

Hello everyone! This is a story that tells you updates, insider information and our personal thoughts on the show Big Brother! Ever night after the show, or the day after the show, a new chapter will be made that talks about the show! There may be spoilers to what happens on that episode, so don't say you weren't warned! :)


2. Gabby Night One

Hey! Will here's my thoughts of the show. First the eight people that are in the house.


Frankie: He's so funny. I think I'm going to like him. Like really! He's super funny and he sound like he's easy to get along with.


Paola: She really gets on my nerves. I like that she likes a dude on there but she really needs to be least creepy about it.


Nicole: She looks super sweet but her voice kind of sound weird. Maybe I'm not use to it but yeah I think she might get far. Who knows?


 Joey: Me and my dad love her. She's funny and seems cool.


Donny: To be honest he's a great guy but I don't think he can make it until the end. But who knows? He might win.


Devine: I like that he's playing for his daughter but he kind of makes me think he'll be a threat.


Cody: He's weird to me. Just because he has charm doesn't mean he can make it to the end. But who knows? If he plays his  cards right he might get everybody to turn on each other and not focus on him.

Amber: She seems nice and smart but she seems so dump sometimes. I don't know why but she does.


Now that I got my opinions on each of them we move on to the twist. I think it's stupid. The HOH is suppose to be safe but now no ones safe? That's mean and confusing. Who ever id the second HOH I hope goes home. I really like Frankie and want to see on there more.

But those are my opinions and maybe they will all work out. Like I say who knows?


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