Big Brother 16

Hello everyone! This is a story that tells you updates, insider information and our personal thoughts on the show Big Brother! Ever night after the show, or the day after the show, a new chapter will be made that talks about the show! There may be spoilers to what happens on that episode, so don't say you weren't warned! :)


3. Gabby Night 2

So night 2 was a little more confusing but before I get into that I'm going to talk about the other eight.


Victoria: I think she's a miss I-so-perfect person and I hate those kind of people. So I don't like her. Not at all.


Celeb: He's kind of strange to me. I don't know much about him but he seem mysterious. But that is only my opinion.


Derrick: He's also strange to me. I don't like how he's keeping his job a secret. People will find out and that's going to get really bad for him.


Brittany: She seems nice. I like how she doesn't try and be someone she's not. She doesn't lie(maybe she does a little but that's Big Brother).


Christine: She seems neat. She's kind of weird but they are all weird. Maybe I should wait and see how it goes.


Hayden: He seem pretty cool but I don't think he'll make it. He just seems... dump. Is that a mean word?


Jocasta: She seems outgoing. I guess that's good but I don't know. It's hard to explain.


Zach: I don't like him much. He seems like a threat and will do a lot of trouble.


Now! To the twist! It seems very weird but I think they have it planned out. What do you guys think?

And about the team America thing. It seems cool. I'll give them that. 

Well that's my opinions! Hope you agreed with some.





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