Big Brother 16

Hello everyone! This is a story that tells you updates, insider information and our personal thoughts on the show Big Brother! Ever night after the show, or the day after the show, a new chapter will be made that talks about the show! There may be spoilers to what happens on that episode, so don't say you weren't warned! :)


4. Cammy- Night Three

Okay, I'm sorry I'm skipping night two, I forgot what happened, so I'm just going to go with tonight's episode.

First off, I'm really sad that Frankie isn't HOH anymore, but I don't mind Caleb too much. He's seems pretty cool.

Second, I don't like Devin at all. Like why in the world would want to add those two girls into the all boys alliance?! He's so stupid!!! Like seriously! I can't stand him! He didn't even ask the rest of his group. Gosh that dude annoys me.

I honestly hope Pow Pow goes home. She's annoying. She needs to leave like now.

I love how Frankie like totally blindsided Victoria! She was so confident she wasn't going up and then he puts her up and it was hilarious. She's annoying and too much of a drama queen.

Sorry, but I'm back to Devin. It's so mean what he is doing to Donny! It's not fair! :(


Team America:

I like how Joey's in it. She's pretty awesome. I want Frankie in it for sure. And I wouldn't mind one of the nerdy girls. Preferably the tattooed nerdy girl. :)


So that's all I got guys! Comment what you guys are thinking! :D

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