The Fighter

Ares Valdez has always been on the bottom of the social ladder. While walking home one night after his job at the library, he stumbles upon a backstreet fight. The winner of the fight gets to join the UFC/MMA circut. (sorry _mrsharrystyles if it has the same name as one of your movellas)


1. One


I heard some of the guys I used to hang out with talking about the upcoming MMA fight on TV. Seriously, is that all they can think about during lunch?  I shake my getting up from my table and throwing some stuff away. I grab my book bag and head to my last class of the day, Government and History.

As I step into the classroom, I get a sense of hatred from some of the other students. I ignore them and take my seat at the verey back of the room, Mr. Terraman nodding to me as I do. When Mr. Terraman asks for the assignments that are due, I am one of the only ones, other that my friend Ezra, who turns it in.

The lesson resumes, Mr. Terraman speaking excitedly about some of the stuff that we'll be covering. About an hour later as the whole class gets ready to leave, Mr. Terraman holds his left hand up, signaling the class to sit back down. 

"Class, I have some news.".

The whole class except Ezra and myself groan. 

"This is good news.".

There's still groaning and complaining.

"Ares Valdez has been selected by the principal to be the student aide for my history and government classes.".

What? I'm what? 

Ezra slaps me on the back and then repeats what Mr. Terraman said and then he says it's 3 pm. 

"When did I do anything to be selected for that, " I ask Ezra as we're walking to my truck.

"Oh, shoot, remember that project on the civil war, the family tree thing?".

"Uh, no.".

"It was a contest for the student aide position.".


"Your's won, Dude.".

I shake my head, just agreeing with him. I drop him off at his house and then I head to the Library that I work for.Twenty minutes later, I park my truck and then head inside after I put my ID badge on.

As I walk through the door I hear, "Morning, Ares.".

"Good morning, Ms. Tianca. What needs to be done?".

"I like your attitude, Ares. There's some books that need to be shelved, one of the computers is messing up again and there's some old books that need to be stamped, 'Discarded'.".

"I can do that, ma'am.".

About five hours later, the books that needed to be shelved are on their respectable shelves, Computer No. 5 is once more fixed, the books that needed to be stamped are stamped. I'm basically done, but I work at the desk now, checking books in and out, repairing them if needed.

"Ares, go home and get some sleep.".

"Yes, Ms. Tianaca.".

After I get back home I head down to the basement. I hit the light switch and stare at the equipment in the basement. This is all of my older brother's training equipment, but he won't be needing it where he is. I shake my head and take off my boots and the t-shirt I had on, then I head to the changing room. I walk out in a pair of blue and black basketball shorts. After grabbing a pair of boxing gloves and a mouth guard I set to work on the punching bag.


I'm at my locker, getting my stuff for work when I hear my phone begin ringing. I answer it and it's Ezra's mom. She's crying hysterically. I tell her I'll be over soon and then I hang up. I call Ms. Tianaca, telling her I will be late. She tell's me that's fine.

I arrive at Ezra's house, only to find an ambulance and two EMT's hauling Ezra to the hospital.

"Macy, what happened?".

"I came and got him during English because I was going to take him to a football clinic that he was going to teach at and then, well we got here, before leaving and...".

"Take a few deep breathes.".

She nods, taking breathing deeply trying to get a hold of herself. I spot my Uncle Nico and I head over to him.

"What happened, Uncle Nico?".

"No one knows for sure. One moment Ezra's fine and then the next his mom comes in his room to find him passed out in his floor.".

I nod heading back to my truck and then head over to the library once more for work. 

I set there at the desk, checking in books, trying to think about what could've made Ezra pass out like that.

"Ares," Ms. Tianaca says.

"Yes ma'am.".

"You're not your usual self today.".

"Yes ma'am, I'm not. I will stay over and continue working.".

"Ares, what's wrong? I am hear to help.".

I look down at the counter, trying to figure out something to say. Ms. Tianaca sits in the other chair beside me her hands in her lap.

"Ares, please tell me.".

"My friend was sent to the hospital. He and I have been friends since we we're three.".

"Oh, dear! Does anybody know what happened to him?".

"No, ma'am.".

She nods, standing up and then heading into the back room. I sit there and continue with what I was doing.

*~One Week Later~*

I called the school and told then that I couldn't come, because I was going to pull a double shift for the library. The secretary tells me it's fine and that she understands.

I reshelve books and do whatever I'm supposed to do and anything else that can keep my mind from Ezra and school and anything else.  I begin browsing some books, when one catches. I pull it from the shelf and read the title. It's called 'Worth the Fight' by Vi Keeland. I take it back to the counter and check it out.

Not even three hours later I'm finished with it and it's been checked back in. The book was amazing, that's all I can say. And it got me thinking, instead of just using my brother's equipment to exercise, I could use it to train myself. 

Yeah right. I could never do that. Never in a million years. Yet, I already had a plan forming in my head.

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