Amnesia // a.i

"God damn it, Kaitlynn." He grabs my hand and places it over his chest, directly above his heart. "Feel it? Feel how out-of-beat and fast it is? That's what you do to me. Why can't you see how much I love you?" His eyes are glossed over.
Shit. Yes. Yes, okay, I'll admit it. I see how much he loves me, but.. But nothing, my subconscious remarks. Kiss him. I inwardly nod at my subconscious and quickly lean up and kiss him, taking him by surprise. It feels like minutes pass before we pull away from each other, both completely breathless. "Because I love you, too."
My name is Kaitlynn Stilinski. My dad abandoned my family when I was 5, and when I turned 7, my mum forced me to live in Australia with my aunt, Kathryn. This is the only story that I've ever known that was mine for once in my life; this is the story of Amnesia.

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The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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