Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


15. When I woke up

I felt my mother's hand. She held my hard hard and I heard her crying. 
"Niall told us." she murmured. I guess she had no idea that I was listening, but she still wanted to talk. "He said you cut your wrist during a long time and we saw nothing." 
I couldn't open my eyes and I couldn't bother. I just wanted to lie there and be invisible. 
"Niall said you weren't feeling well." she whispered. "I know I'm not listening to the signals and I should have understood. But I was so busy in our old bad habits that I couldn't be bothered."


"How is she?" 
It was Tess. I was surprised that she seemed to care, but I didn't trust her. 
"Like before." replied mom. 
"Are you hungry?" 
Silence. waiting. time stood still.




It was a rainy day when I decided to open my eyes. I immediately saw that the room was dark and both mom and dad were there. I didn't see Tess, but I wasn't expecting her to be there. 


Mom was happy. She cried and she sat near my bed to hold my hand. 
"Darling, I'll help you. You shouldn't cut yourself and I'll make sure you get the help you need." 
I didn't want help, but it was nice just to hear her voice. 
"Niall said you cut yourself and you've done it for a long time. He said we haven't seen that you feel bad and that we should bother us." 
I swallowed. 
"Where is he?" 
Mom was quiet and looked down at my hand. 
"Tess refuses to let him see you. She found out that Niall has feelings for you and she doesn't forgive him." 
I frowned. 
"Mom, I need him."
She sighed deeply. 
"You know how Tess is?" 
I just wanted to scream out straight. 
"I'm in charge and I want Niall here." 
Dad came over to the bed. 
"Okay, sweetheart just taking it easy." 
I looked coldly at them. I didn't think Tess should decide over me and I was tired of being the one who came last. 
"Niall has to come." I said shortly. Mom saw that I was serious and she looked anxiously at my dad. 
"We'll maybe do so that Tess isn't here?" 
I tried to put me up, but I couldn't. I just wanted to go from there. 
"I'll decide." I wanted to scream the words, but they came more offensive out of me, I had no energy.


As soon as Niall came into the room, I just wanted to cry. Mom and dad left us alone and Niall sat down on the edge of the bed. He took my hands and he tried to smile at me. I saw that he was worried, but he tried to be strong. 
"Tess?" I asked first. He smiled a little bit and sighed. 
"She asked me to go to hell." 
I frowned. 
He laughed. 
"No I didn't go to hell. I just walked out of the hospital. She wont order me around, but I didn't want to make too big a deal of it all. I kept myself away and waited for you to wake up." 
I smiled at him and nodded. I knew I had something to tell him, but I didn't know how. How would I tell Niall that I was pregnant? 
"I love you." Niall whispered and he kissed me lightly on the lips. "I wont go away just because Tess hates me." 
I was relieved. He thought about me and he didn't want to abandon me.


"Get out of here!" 
Tess was angry and she came straight into the room. I panicked and I kept Nialls hand tightly. 
"No!" he replied shortly. She came over to the bed and I saw that she was insane. 
"Don't touch my sister, you fucking idiot." 
Niall just smiled at her. 
"Ask her what she wants." 
I knew that Tess wasn't interested in my opinion. She just looked at Niall and she had no intention of letting me talk. 
"Leave my family!" She said cool, but Niall sat quietly left. 
"Not this time." he replied indifferently. "I'm here to take care of your sister and it has nothing to do with you."
"You just want to destroy it all for me." continued Tess, and it was as if she had already decided what was the true story. A doctor came in and right away she looked at him. 
"Please call the guard and get this idiot out off here." 
The doctor was surprised. He looked at Tess and then at me. I quickly shook my head and I was desperately to let Niall staying with me. 
"He's my boyfriend." I tried to explain. Tess was red in the face and she looked coldly at me. 
"Don't you understand that he just wants you because he wants me?" 
I shook my head and this time Niall became more irritated. 
"I love your sister." he said to Tess. "This time it has NOTHING to do with you." 
She didn't believe his words. I was surprised when the doctor walked up to her and then forced her out of the room. 
"Calm down." the doctor said to Tess and made ​​sure she was on the other side of the door, then he closed it and looked at me again. "So how are you?" 
I smiled. 
He came over to the bed and then smiled against Niall. 
"Has she told you about the news?" 
Niall was surprised and I was the opposite. I was stiff all over and I panicked. The doctor didn't seem to see that I was against the truth. 
"So you haven't talked yet about how you're going to do?" 
Niall knew nothing. 
"Excuse me but what are we going to talk about?" he said, looking at both me and the doctor. I got even more panic and I felt the whole body shook. 
"Well I ... Niall ... we are!" 
The doctor smiled and he understood. 
"I'll leave you alone and I let her explain the situation. It's probably for the best."

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