Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


13. The party

Niall pulled me toward the car, where his friend Louis waited. 
"You must be with me!" 
I wasn't sure. 
"But Niall, it feels wrong to go out openly?" 
He laughed and gave me a quick kiss. We arrived at the car and Louis smiled at me. 
I just blushed. Niall opened the door and then he smiled at Louis. 
"Come on, we're having fun?" 
Louis got behind the wheel and Niall slid into the back seat next to me. I felt small and I knew that the evening would be just wrong. We were going to another city and I had no idea what they were talking about. I was confused, but not frightened. Niall grabbed my hand quickly and I heard he was talking with Louis.


A house with lots of new people. I felt panic, but Niall wouldn't let me off. We entered a large room and I saw how everyone else drank from plastic cups and laughed. Niall didn't seem to notice my anxiety. He talked to everyone and he pulled me further and further into the house.


We landed in a couch and quickly pulled Niall me up on his lap. 
"She's better than Tess!" I heard Louis comment. "It was just the best that you got rid of that idiot?" 
I didn't know if I would defend my sister or not. Niall gave me a kiss and he smiled at me. 
"You are the best!" 
I swallowed and smiled a little bit. I took my arms around his neck and I avoided all others. Niall kept me hard in his arms and he laughed against those he knew. I loved his laugh. It was as if he took it with the whole body, and he really loved to laugh.


"Here!" Louis whispered and he gave a plastic cup to me. "You relax if you drink a little." 
I just nodded and I received the mug. I tasted and I wrinkled my nose. That was something strong. 
"Just take it easy." Niall warned me and smiled. "It's the first time huh?" 
I frowned. 
"First time?" 
Niall laughed and kissed me lightly and quickly. 
"As you drink anything other than regular soda?" 
I didn't understand. Niall smiled and he was leaning towards me. 
"There's alcohol in the drink." 
I blushed. I now understood what he was talking about. I chose to just nod.


I guess I relaxed. After a while, I was in a good mood and I felt like a princess. Niall held my hand the whole time and he didn't released me. 
"She's prefect!" I heard Louis say. I blushed and I heard that Niall agreed. 
"She's the best!" 
He pulled me towards the stairs up and when we got up to the second floor, he found an empty corner. There was a couch and quickly I landed with my back to it. Niall landed on top of me and I quickly felt how his lips was pressed against mine. I noted that many walked past us and I blushed quickly. 
"Maybe we shouldn't ..." 
Niall smiled and moaned lightly. 
"Everyone does it and no one care." 
I frowned. 
"Are you serious?" 
He nodded and kissed me again. I felt how he easily pulled up my dress and he pulled my panties to the side. His fingers moved over my sensitive area and I groaned. 
"But Niall, I..." 
He laughed a little bit and I felt a finger penetrate. 
"Come on, sweetheart. We love each other and I want you." 
I hesitated. 
"I want you, but not when others can see us."
Niall didn't care. He unbuttoned his fly and without asking me, he penetrated. I whimpered and I felt how he quickly came in all the way. It was too late to say no, and I felt how he filled me. 
"No one see it!" he groaned. "You have panties on and I have pants on." 
I whimpered and I felt him slowly began to move on his body. He flexed every muscle and I felt him fill me. 
"But ..." 
He kissed me to shut me up. I chose to go with and I took my legs around his waist. Niall let a hand slide down under my butt and quickly he increased the pace. The other arm he had in my head and I felt how he was moving quickly towards me. He moaned against my lips and he let his tongue penetrate. I let my tongue play with his, and I noted that he groaned higher. His face was red and he almost bounced against my body. I just tried to be there, but when his thumb found its way to my clit, I moaned higher.


Afterwards he lay just on top of me and he smiled at me. 
"You are wonderful." 
I blushed and noted that no one cared about what we did. Couples walked past us and they didn't even look at us. 
"Does all this?" 
Niall smiled and he kissed me. 
"No, only those who truly love each other." 
I sighed. 
"I mean, everyone has sex at parties in front of everyone else?" 
Niall blushed and he noted that a girl walked past us. 
"Maybe not all, but I think it's exciting."
"Did you do like this with my sister?" 
Nialls eyes slid quickly back on mine and he seemed to hesitate. 
"Actually, no, but I wont talk about her. Not with you because you are her sister and I don't compare you two." 
I swallowed. 
"I'm sorry but I just wonder." 
He understood me. 
"She just wanted to be with her ​​friends and she just wanted me to show her up to and that she would show me up."
"Did you have sex?" 
I don't know why I asked those questions. Maybe because I had gotten alcohol or maybe just because the time fit. 
"Why do you want to know?" 
I swallowed. 
"She said by the phone to a friend that you are bad in bed." 
Niall laughed right away and he couldn't help but kiss me. 
"She didn't do it. She sucked me off, or so was I fiddling with her. She didn't want to have sex."
I swallowed. 
"So you...!" 
Niall kissed me. 
"One secret. I was with a girl when I was fifteen. I have only done it once before I met you. You are almost the girl who took my virginity."
Actually I was happy. He wasn't flirty with others and he didn't seem like such a guy who was all over girls.
"Promise not to tell anyone." he whispered happily. "There's only you who knows about it."
I nodded and I was proud. 
"I promise.

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