Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


7. The Dance

Harry and I sat far away from everyone else. It was my demand and he obeyed me. 
"And now we'll crown the prom king and queen." 
I looked up at the stage. I watched as my sister Tess came on stage and I saw how she became queen. 
"She isn't at all beautiful." Harry whispered in my ear. I smiled and I gave him a quick glance. 
"Well, that's what she's and she knows it. She's beautiful!" 
He sighed. 
"Why is it always blonde girls who get everything." 
I looked at him that he really wanted an answer. 
"Because they have it easier?"
The king would be crowned. I was surprised that it wasn't Niall. Instead had all voted for Louis, one of the football guys. I saw that Niall didn't care, but Tess reacted immediately and she wasn't happy. I laughed a little bit. 
"She doesn't always get what she wants?" 
Harry agreed. 
"And she should learn that life isn't easy?" 
I laughed a little bit and nodded. I began to relax and I felt more comfortable in the green dress. The music started and everyone should dance to a quiet song, with the king and queen in the middle. 
"Want to dance?" 
I shook my head quickly. 
"I can't dance."
Harry laughed a little bit and then he stood up. 
"I'm going to dance." 
He disappeared off and I was surprised when one girl said yes to him. I laughed a little bit at him. Harry wasn't afraid to show up at school and he was proud to be gay. He had long ago ceased to be afraid, but I hadn't been able to be as brave as he was.


"May I have this dance?" 
I was shocked. Before me stood Niall and he held his hand out to me. I just stared at him and then I looked at my sister, who was still dancing with Liam. Niall laughed a little bit. 
"She has no voice about this." he said, as he understood that I looked at Tess. He took my hand, but I hadn't said yes and he pulled me to the dance floor. I blushed and my legs were shaking. I saw that Tess friends just gaped and they couldn't believe their eyes. Niall didn't care about them and he made ​​sure we ended up on the dance floor. He took my hand, and the other he took around my waist. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled.
"I can't dance!" I whispered uncertainly. He laughed a little bit and lifted my other hand on his shoulder. 
"Neither do I."


Okay! I was in heaven. I knew why my sister was so crazy over Niall. His eyes were so perfect, he smiled so soothing and into his arms, everything was secure. Niall took me around the dance floor and I stopped caring about everyone else. The only thing that was imported was Niall, but I knew he wasn't mine. I knew I couldn't keep him, but for the moment I didn't care.


When I went home that night I was overjoyed. I had only danced one dance with Niall, but it was the first time that a guy had asked me up. It felt like I was Cinderella and I would be saved by the prince. Okay, my imagination wasn't exactly normal for the moment, but I smiled. I didn't care that I was unhappy, bullied or that I was ugly. It didn't matter, not when Niall had been there. He had asked me, and he hadn't asked any of those perfect girls. I was proud of myself and I felt happier than in years.




"You think you are the best one?" Tess screamed at me. I sat at the breakfast table and I just looked down at my egg. 
"But it was great that she..." got mom out, but Tess interrupted her. 
"She came there to take Niall from me and fuck it up for me." 
I looked up at her. Hadn't she seen that it was he who chose me? Tess didn't care about the truth, and it was all my fault. 
"Tess, I'm glad she went." 
I looked at mom. I saw at her that she actually meant the words and I smiled weakly. Mom looked at me and for the first time in years, she seemed not at all angry that she had me as her daughter. 
"I'm glad you went to the prom and I don't care if you were dancing with Niall."
I swallowed. 
"Harry wanted us to go." 
Tess became more angry. 
"And you did that to do what?" 
I looked at her. 
"Because I can." 
She snorted. 
"I know you went to the prom just because .." 
I was surprised. For the first time in my life my mom said something against her. 
"Tess quit. You know that your sister's not such girl and it's not all about you." 
Tess became quiet and she just stared at mom. I did the same thing and it was like my sister finally got to understand that I was a person.
"Niall came up to me." I got up. "I didn't go up to him and I know he loves you." 
Tess looked at me again. I saw hatred in her eyes. 
"He's mine and he will never fall for someone like you." 
The truth hurt. 
"I know!" 
Tess became quiet. I almost heard how her thoughts spun around and it was as if she had dropped the word. 
"He's all yours." I said quickly, and then I left the kitchen. I couldn't cope with the truth of the moment and I didn't wanted to feel like the ugly duckling.

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