Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


1. prologue

It started back when I was inside my mom's womb. My sister came out two years before me and I'm sure she was born with luck on her side. She inherited all the good genes and she was perfect. She was blonde, had blue eyes and was bright as a child, she was told how beautiful she was all the time. When I showed up, well then, I was her opposite. Maybe I wasn't ugly, but I rarely heard that I looked like a doll. I had dark hair, green eyes and I looked pretty clumsy.


"She's so clever!" Mom said always and she was proud over Tess. When I showed my grades, she looked more serious. "You tried, anyway!" and it continued like that. Year after year, and in the end I gave up. I could never be as beautiful as my sister Tess and I could never come up to her level. I belong to those who were doomed to be on the ground and I had no future. I had nothing that was of value. I was just me.


When I was sixteen years broke everything loose. I didn't care about anything and I was a dark girl. I chose black clothes and I chose to show the world how ugly and small I was. My sister did the opposite. She was even more beautiful and she got a boyfriend, her first serious relationship. His name was Niall Horan and he was everything that I could never get. He had bleached hair and he always looked so damn good. Niall had blue eyes and he could smile with his hole face. When he played on the guitar was all quiet and he loved my sister.


I sank deeper and deeper into myself. Who could ever love someone like me? I was just useless and ugly. I couldn't even being nice to others.

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