Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


12. Look out for myself

"I'm dating Liam now." said Tess merrily at the kitchen table and she looked at me with a satisfied look. "You know, guys worship the ground I walk on." 
I hesitated. I frowned and I had no idea what to say. Mom laughed lightly and then smiled at me. 
"I wonder when you will get a boyfriend?" 
I didn't have time to think, Tess was quick to laugh. 
"Nobody wants to have her!" 
Mom looked coldly at my sister and then she sighed. 
"Can't you try to be nice to your sister. Tess, everything isn't about you and you can actually try to help her a bit?" 
Tess only snorted. 
"She's just hanging around with that gay and other wimps?" 
I sighed. 
"Just because he's gay, he's not..." 
She wouldn't listen. 
"My friends have money and the guys want to have them all the time. Just look at me. I lose a fool and hits directly the perfect guy."
Dad gave her a quick glance. 
"Yes, you are quick to replace what you lose?" 
She disagreed, as usual. 
"I don't replace and I don't lose." 
I just sighed and I ate up the food. Quick I succumbed off my plate and then went up to my room. I could almost still feel Nialls scents on my skin and I just smiled at the thought that he had wanted to touch me.


My sister showed up and she came into my room with a satisfied look. 
"You know I'm the best so don't care about what Dad or Mom says." 
I looked up from the homework and saw her. She stood in the middle of the floor and she smiled cold. 
"I want you to help me with something." 
I swallowed. 
She smiled confidently. 
"There are rumors that Niall found a new one and I want you to help me to find out who the bitch is." 
I almost fainted. Tess didn't see my reaction and she didn't even seem to care if I was against her claim. 
"She's going to hell!" said Tess cold. "He broke up with me because of her and I'll damn sure she dies." 
I was close to stutter. 
"But your with Liam now?"
Tess snorted. 
"It's about me. You don't treat me like a whore, although I sometimes seem to be one. People must treat me like the person I am and not as Niall did." 
I swallowed and I felt my body was shaking. 
"But if she doesn't go to our school?" 
Tess laughed. 
"Niall fell for a younger girl, said one in school. I think damn to find out who and you're her age, so you should see or hear anything?"
I could do nothing but nod. I looked down on homework again and I heard how she left me alone. She slammed the door and I heard she went to her room. I was shaking all over and I realized that Harry was right. I couldn't be with Niall, but at the same time I didn't want to break up with him. I loved him.


"You seem so absent?" Mom asked me one day. "You just sit and stare?" 
I smiled at her. 
"It's okay. I have just many things in my head right now." 
She smiled weakly and came into my room. 
"I know we might have listened a lot to Tess and sometimes forgotten about you, but that doesn't mean we don't love you." 
I swallowed. 
It was so embarrassing. My mom wanted to cross out all the problems, but I knew that the problem wasn't me. The problem was Tess. 
"You must tell us all at home." she continued. "I listen and I are here for you."
Mom sat on my bed and she looked at my stuff. She wouldn't even come into my room and maybe she wanted to show that she cared? 
"You are so different from each other, you and Tess." 
I agreed. Mom looked at me and she smiled a little bit. 
"When you were born, I thought she would calm down, but it rather grew worse. I don't know what went wrong." 
I know! Tess got everything and everyone listened to her. There was no one who direct saw me or wanting to know how my life was. 
"But you never know." she mumbled and stood up again. She went to the door and smiled at me. "I wont disturb you, but just to let you know, I'm here."




I lay in Nialls arms, in his bed and we just lay there and relaxed. I felt his heart pounded and I loved to hear his every breath. 
"Tess is looking for me." I whispered. Niall didn't know what Tess had told me and I still wanted to be honest. Niall was startled. 
I put my head next to his and looked at him. 
"Tess came into my room and told me to look for your new girlfriend. She'll make a hell for me." 
Niall frowned. 
"Did she ask you to look for you?" 
I smiled. 
"No, she doesn't know that I'm your girlfriend." 
He finally understood what I was talking about. 
"But it's almost comical?" he smiled. "She's not smart, and even if we get married, she wont understand that it's you."
I just smiled in response. Niall kissed me lightly and then he looked up at the ceiling again.
"I'm just glad to get rid of her." 
I swallowed. 
"But if she finds out that I'm..." 
Niall cut me off. 
"My friends say nothing and no one but Harry knows?" 
I frowned. 
"Maybe he doesn't know? I promised him not to touch you again." 
Niall laughed and he was amused. 
"But you touch me?" 
I agreed and smiled. 
"Because I want to." 
Niall was happy. 
"Good sweetheart and you'll always will."
I leaned back my head against his chest and I felt so safe when I was with him. 
"You know you're better than her?" Niall whispered. I was surprised. 
He smiled and I felt how he kissed me on the head. 
"You have feelings and you care about others." 
I agreed. Tess had no feelings or empathy. 
"I guess we got different genes." I said jokingly. Niall agreed. 
"And you got the best genes."

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