Me the bitch

I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized that I wanted to just die.


2. Christmas Eve

"Niall you are so welcome!" 
I sat on the couch and I heard my sister, mom and dad welcomed him. I sat there and I continued to read the book. I didn't want to see him and I didn't want to see how Tess kissed him. I didn't want to be involved in their so called "Oh what we are perfect!"


"Emma, ​​Darling?" Mom's voice echoed in the house. "Niall's here! Come and say hello?"
I swallowed and I shook my head. Nobody saw that I shook my head but I did it anyway. I heard them laughing in the hall and then came they all into the room. A cluster of perfect idiots, ignoring Niall, and they were so perfect in every way.
"You shouldn't have bought Christmas presents for us."
Mom sounded like a fawning idiot and I heard how fake she was.
"It's cool!" Niall replied, and his voice was so soft. I saw in the corner of my eye how my sister held his hand and she hung all over on him. It was almost embarrassing that she dared to do it in front of everyone, but I said nothing. I sat there with my book and I switched sides. Maybe I didn't read everything, but I was with the plot.
"Now let's eat!" I heard my mom laugh and I was about to puke. I wasn't hungry and I didn't want her food, but I knew I had to participate in their rituals.


I put the plate in front of me and no one saw me. 
"How's school?" Mom asked Niall. He smiled and he chewed up food in his mouth before he answered the question. 
"Well, it's just going well and I got good grades." 
Mom laughed and I heard how bad she sounded. 
"You and Tess are just perfect for each other. Imagine that Tess found that perfect boyfriend?" 
I looked up from the plate and I saw Tess flushed face. She giggled and she kept Nialls hand under the table. I saw at her that she was in heaven and I hated her because of that reason. 
"Have some more food now!" Dad said. I saw that Niall was measured, yet he forced in more. I could just imagine how my mom and dad fattened him with food. If he stayed in our family, he would get fat and die. I felt sorry for him.


Package dividend was always boring. Everyone sat in places, mom gave them away and she was careful to tell us from whom they came. 
"Emma, look!" She said she expected that I would smile. "Aunt Bertha has sent a packet to only you." 
I smiled weakly anyway. Bertha was the only one in the family who looked like me. She was odd and I knew she far inside cared about me. 
"Thank you!" I mumbled cold and I received the package. I already knew what it contained. I had got a book about witches and I was happy. Bertha had brought with me to the store and she had given me that look. "Choose your Christmas present." I had done it and was now the book was safe in the package.
"From Mom and Dad!" 
Tess giggled and hugged mom as thanks. She sat down next to Niall and she looked like a little star. A falling star that I wanted to see in fire. 
"From Mom and Dad." 
I received the package, I grudged her a smile and that was it. I knew she had bought clothes and I knew it was black clothes. She didn't dared to give me anything else.
"From Niall?"
I balked. Mom gave me the package and I looked surprised at Niall. He smiled and he gave me a kind look. My heart jumped and I had to tear myself away from his eyes.
"Aren't you going to say thank you?"
I swallowed.
"Thank you!"
Niall laughed.
"It's okay. It's just a small thing."


I was surprised. Niall had given me a book about ghosts. I hadn't seen the book before and actually I was happy. I browsed quickly through the book and I realized it was the best Christmas present in a long time. 
"I found the right book?" 
I blushed and I had to nod towards Niall. 
He laughed. Tess was on the toilet, so he had room to talk to anyone but her. 
"I knew you'd be happy." 
I just nodded and opened the first chapter. I just read the top lines, but I knew instantly that it was going to be my new favorite.




I was standing in the laundry room and I would pick clothes into the machine. My mom was always sure that it would be washed after color and she was angry about mixing anything. I sighed and I tried to find more red garments. My eyes fell upon Tess dress. I knew she had bought it for her to wear during the New Year. It was white and it had sparkling beads on the fabric. I knew she was beautiful in it and I knew she really looked forward to the New Year's night. Tess would go to a party with Niall. It was her friend who was holding the party at her house and all popular would go there. I wasn't invited because I belonged to the bottom of the school. I smiled. I saw all the red clothes in the machine and I looked at her dress again. I did it! I quickly pushed into her white among all the red clothes and then I closed the door.

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