A Disease in the Heart

This is not about a real disease in someone's heart. I just love that title but there will be some sad parts.


1. I love you

Me and Joey where sitting in the living room watching some tv when I feel his warm hands touch my back. He was sitting right behind me and his smooth chin touched my shoulder.

"I love you" I whisper in his ear.

He kisses me on the cheek and says "me too"

His hands move slowly towards my upper back and the towards my arm pits. Not thinking where this was going I relaxed but he quickly moved his hands in arm pits and started tickling me.

"Stop it" I giggled.

I start kicking my legs around and can't stop laughing.

" please Please " I begged him but no luck

He finally stops and we can't stop laughing.

"Sweetie I love you to the moon and back" he said in his sweet. voice.

"As do I" I say back.

He pulls me closer to him and gives me a kiss. His soft lips touch mine and without stopping he pulls me closer. His arms wrap around my back just like a warm blanket.

His lip slowly lift from mine I we stare into each other's eyes. His were crystal blue just like the ocean. We snuggled together as the movie finished. I fell asleep in his arms that night.

~~~~~~~~Joey's POV~~~~~~~

I watched as Cece slowly fell asleep in my arms. Her long brown hair were beautiful and the same with her hazel eyes. I lifted her up and brought her to the bedroom. I set her down and snuggled next to her.

I truly love her.

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