The Rise

When the Kythar, The lord of the Eagle Heights, is betrayed and cast out of his position of power by his brethren, He joins the oppressed legions of Inugami and the world shall shake before his wrath as him and his new army cut a swathe of destruction through the land. Will he succeed in overthrowing the tyrannical Lord Drakkar or will he perish and the world be plunged into eternal darkness?


2. The Dragon Wars

Draco worked tirelessly, constantly tweaking the beings that would be his children. He gave them wings for flight, claws for battle and teeth for war as well as the ability to breathe fire. Strength, size and knowledge he gave to them for they would succeed him and rule the universe when he was gone and Inugamia was disposed of. Finally they were ready and into them he imbued parts of his very essence. They rose from the ground of Draco's world and none except the most powerful of The First could hope to match them. With a bellow of triumph, Draco released his physic message to once again call his kin together before launching himself towards the heavens with his thunderous legions behind him. Through the darkness they roared, passing stars and planets before finally passing out of their galaxy and powering towards the centre of the universe, and the birthplace of The First. 

Draco hung, motionless, waiting for the coming meeting and inevitable battle. Suddenly, nine streaks of light appeared and started hurtling towards him and his army. With a thought, Draco commanded them to prepare and with a loud hiss, hundreds of what the Lord of the First called dragons mentally and physically armed themselves for battle. By this time the nine streaks of light had arrived and were forming into the rest of The First. Then, in a flash of light, their were his nine brothers and sisters. He cared about only one. Inugamia immediately sensed something was wrong and her warriors tensed. The sudden tension silenced the buzzing groups of The First. Draco willed his immense physic power to envelope his Nine brothers and sisters and slowly crush them to dust. As Inugamia shielded herself and her army, the rest slowly had their intestines expelled from their abdomens in bloody explosions and their brains ooze bubbly trails down their faces until all that was left in their places were bloody balls of red paste. Draco ceased his assault and looked upon the strained and puffing face of his worst enemy. Inugamia looked up at him and before he could react, she launched herself at him, goring with nails and biting with teeth while trying to crush him physically and mentally. At the same time her legions charged towards the army of Dragons who met the challenge with teeth, claws and fire. The battle raged for what seemed a life time until, with a mighty effort, Draco seized Inugamia by the skull and tightened his grip until, in a bloody explosion, it disintegrated into a cloud of red mist as her body crumple. With their leader gone, Inugamia's army sagged and was shredded and burned. Draco watched as the wretched things screamed and begged for mercy. Eventually, when there was only a few of what he now called Inugami left, he ordered his warriors to cease before he approached the remnants of his greatest adversary once mighty army. A few went insane under his gaze but the strongest held out. After a few moments he selected their mightiest generals and broke their minds in front of their troops. One by one he broke them and one by one he healed them, but as his own generals. He then took those generals and bonded them to his most powerful dragons. They were the ancestors of the current dragon lords. As the new companions grew used to each other, Draco turned back to the remaining Inugami. He commanded them to serve his army's and generals unquestioningly, he commanded them to realize that they were now the property of his army and they could do nothing but obey. Feeling his time growing short Draco turned to his legions and thanked them for their service. As his life came to an end, the Lord of the First broke up his mind, body and soul into fragments and gave them to his army and as each fragment was absorbed he grew dimmer and dimmer until he was no more. The new leaders of the Dragon legions turned to each other and decided to destroy the creations of the master’s siblings and start again. So, in a massive unleashing of power, they destroyed everything in the universe and worked together to build a new home world, for them...and their slaves.

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