The Rise

When the Kythar, The lord of the Eagle Heights, is betrayed and cast out of his position of power by his brethren, He joins the oppressed legions of Inugami and the world shall shake before his wrath as him and his new army cut a swathe of destruction through the land. Will he succeed in overthrowing the tyrannical Lord Drakkar or will he perish and the world be plunged into eternal darkness?


1. Rise

Darkness...empty, impenetrable darkness. A darkness so complete that nothing can exist within. That darkness was the nothing before the universe. After a period that could have been days or eons for there was no time and even if there was there was no being to perceive it, a flash of brilliant light lit the emptiness and they formed. The original Dragon Lords. None know how it happened but what is known is that they were powerful beyond imagining. They were gods and the nothingness was their plaything. On a whim one flicked its hand and swirling galaxies filled with life and light formed. Another merely nodded its head and whole worlds burst into being. These entities, who are now known as the first, marvelled at their own power and beauty and before they even noticed each other where spiralling away into the dark, creating things as they wanted, where they wanted and when they wanted. For another immeasurable amount of time they continued like this until, eventually, they grew calmer and all began to wonder about their creation and if there were others. Soon after, the most powerful of them all decided to call for any lost brethren and tell them to meet him at the same place as they were created. After preparing his mind for a short period of time, he willed the message across the universe in a wave of psychic energy. All heard and all came. When all where finally gathered at the meeting place, the most powerful, who is now called Draco, beheld his brothers and sisters. There where ten including him. Most were very powerful but none could compare to his power except for one other. Her name was Inugamia and during her period of existence had been building an army of creatures who would later become the Inugami. They were tall and fair with dark hair and steel grey eyes and what they lacked in strength they made up for in agility. Although her and her army were a threat they could never hope to defeat him. But, should they ally with one of the others it would spell his end. In that instant he made his decision. He stayed to himself for the rest of the meeting, carefully formulating his plan. After the meeting ended, they promised to meet again and Draco volunteered to, once again, send the psychic message. Then, as had happened at the dawn of the universe, they scattered back to their resting worlds. 

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