Magcon love


2. heading to cali!

Maddi was staying at my house while her parents were on a cruise over the next two weeks. I was editing our YouTube video when I got an email from a unknown person. I opened it and read

Dear Maddi&Rae,

Magcon would be delighted to invite you to Magcon. We think you would fit in perfectly. The boys are really wanting you to come. Hope you take this into consideration and join us this summer


bart and the magcon family!

R- omfg guess what maddi!!

M- what?

R- we just git invited to magcon

M- no way

R - way!!

We screamed at once and i like shook the whole house! My mom ran into our room really concered. We told her all that happened and asked if we could go she said yes and we were heading out tomorrow. We were so exited and ready to head to cali tomorrow. Magcon didnt start for awhile so we had about 2 days to do stuff when we got there!

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