Magcon love


3. arriving

I wore this-

Maddi wore this-

We had to get up really early and am NOT a morning person so i was really cranky. I slept the while way there and felt way better when we got off. We took a taxi to the hotel and brought our stuff and went in.

R- we are Rae and Maddi here for magcon

Oh yes you are in room 208 said the lady at the front desk

We got in the elevator

R- so Maddi are you exited meet Cam??

M- oh shut up at least i only like one, unlike you who likes alot you playa!!

We laugh and walk into the room and get ready and unpacked.

R- are you ready to go the boys' room??

M- yeah leggo!

We werent for sure what room they were in but the one across from ours was really loud so we were pretty sure it was theirs.

Here goes nothing i think before i knock in the door!

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