Just Say I Love You

Ryan Hollis, a shy nerd, has his eyes set upon Monica Everett, a studious girl from one of his extra-curricular activities. He can barely work up the nerve to ask her out, nevertheless speak to her. They are excellent friends, but Ryan wants to take their relationship to the next level. There is only one problem. Ryan can't summon any bit of courage


1. Chapter 1

     My middle school days were approaching its final year. It had to be great because I wanted to leave with a positive impression of Tommy Barnes Middle School. Everyone says that middle school was the host of the worst three years of his or her life. I was bound to break that stereotype.

     I walked in English class that morning, placing my messenger bag under my usual desk. The walls were still the same shade of tan, with several colorful posters hanging on them. Multitudes of students, whom I haven't seen since May of last year, came walking in, full of chatter. The desks were still in the same arrangement as last year. Rows of three on one side, rows of two on the other, with an aisle separating the two, like we were prepared for war against each other.

     It seemed like ages until my two and only friends, Martha and Sutton, approached their desk. They plopped down and heaved a heavy sigh.

     Martha is the kind of girl who fans over everything. "Zayn cut his hair. EEK!!" or "5SOS started some pancake tour, but they wont come to Alabama. FROWNY FACE!" She constantly checks her twitter for fandom updates and reading the latest fanfics, which she discusses with Sutton and me, even if we could care less.

     Sutton is quite opposite. He thinks fandoms are a waste of time unless you count the medical sciences a fandom. He seems to spend the majority of his time researching medical treatments, bacteria discoveries, and diseases. If you wonder anything medical, or just...anything, he's your man.

     "Ready for one more year at this waste dump they call middle school?" Martha asked, pulling out her overused iPhone with fingerprint marks that show all the fanfic pages shes flipped through.

     "I guess so. I mean, we can try fixing the psychology of it Martha and using a positive connotation to trick our brains into enjoying school." Sutton was already getting on Martha's last nerves.

     "Can it brainy! I'm trying to read. So get this. In this fanfic, Luke pretends to like Igga Azalea, but really, he likes Callum because he found out Callum was gay when they played a prank on him by hiring that male stripper, and Callum like the stripper, so Luke was secretly gay too, and they got together, but they can't be together. Why you ask? Well it's simple. Iggy is planning a secret where she will ruin the band by turning Callum straight again, making Luke really, really, sad. So Ashton will want to make him feel better by turning gay for Luke, so Luke will have a partner, but if the Michael knows any of this, he will split up the band!!! OMGEEEEEE! Right?"

     "Wow, sounds like a real original Martha. Just as original as Harvard when they copied Princeton's work on the brain st-" The bell gave of its infamous ring. Thankfully, this shut up Martha and Sutton's cumbersome bantering.

     "Welcome back to eighth grade guys and gals!" That would be Mr. Barber, our Gifted English teacher for two years straight, making this our third year with him. We do swap up teachers per grade, but not Mr. Barber. I've always enjoyed his class though. He's a fun teacher, while not sacrificing the "professional" element. Also, Mr. Barber loves One Direction. I don't know why, but he just does. That always gives him something to talk about with Martha.

     "These are flyers for the Tommy Barnes Battle of the Books team. To join, you gotta read six of these books, and might I say, the county chose a crappy selection for this year. Anyways, after you've read them, tell Mrs. Sharp and she'll give you this test. The top six test takers make the team. Capiche?"

     "Capiche," replyed the class. I gratefully accepted my flyer. Battle of the Books, or as Mrs. Sharp likes to call it, BOB, for short. It's seems so thrilling, well for a nerd anyways. I glance at the selection. Wow, Mr. Barber was right. This selection appears to be terrible. I would never pick these books for enjoyment reading.

     Mr. Barber begin teaching parallelism, and I tuned out, and thought about this "BOB" thing. Would it really be worth my time? Well I mean, it's not like I have a social life. Plus, it should be easy. There'll probably be only six people to try out. So why not? Just another extra-curricular to add to the list.




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