Bimbo full of love

I'm natilie but u can call me nat my full name is natilie Lauren Richardson I'm 15 I have a brother named Sammual but u can call him Sam or mual his full name is Sammual Michael Richardson we look alike but were not twins he is 17 years old he has a gf named Kia hilldabran I am single but I have a best friend named Cameron Dallas


3. don't tell mama

Nat's pov

Sam if u tell mom I swear I'll hurt your little baby maker "ok" no promise me "I promise nat" ok we'll I'm going to cam's house "bye she devil" -I was walking up to cams door when I realised were engaged so why knock I walked in and got welcomed by his mother "hey natilie what are u doing here". We'll to be honest I'm here to see cam and make some cookies for you when u get home from work "ok" with that she kissed me on the cheek and left I walked into the kitchen and started making food I heard a noise and turned around it was cam-hey cammy "listen we're not engaged anymore". WHAT why? "We'll I kinda like this girl named Cassie" oh is she hear "yeah,CASSIE come down satires". Wait ouch my head ouch -Cassie walked up to me and put her hands on my head I fell to the ground hunched over in pain I heard cam grab something I looked up it was a knife I'm assuming it's for Cassie boy was I ever so wrong cam stabbed me over and over and over till I was bleeding from my mouth and I shut my eyes hoping it would all go away .

#cames pov#

I can't belive I just killed nat I love her but she's selfish not telling me Cassie was her sister and she never fought back and she ignored me fore 2 weeks then she expected to be engaged before being girl friend and boyfriend

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