Bimbo full of love

I'm natilie but u can call me nat my full name is natilie Lauren Richardson I'm 15 I have a brother named Sammual but u can call him Sam or mual his full name is Sammual Michael Richardson we look alike but were not twins he is 17 years old he has a gf named Kia hilldabran I am single but I have a best friend named Cameron Dallas


2. are little secret

Natile's pov

Ok don't get me rong Cameron is my best friend I love him to death I'd...I'd die for him he is my life we do everything together without him id die so taking his verginity is not what I wanna do we'll..I do but I can't i shouldent it's...for someone you truly care about and if we did we'd hook up then break up and I'd loos him forever even tho u say we can still be don't mean it and cam is my life my brother my soulmate it's just we can't be together we are ment to be but I just can't risk loosing him to some dumb relation ship and then take his verginity away....that would be mean and self centerd of me I'm doing this cuz I love him even if it means hurting him and his feelings I have to do it to save us. I walked into my living room and cam was sitting there he patted a spot on his lap I sat on the couch he looked at me all funny he turned to my fav show TEEN TITANS (the real one not teen titans go) I was 2 min into watching it when he asked me y are u acting like nothing happend ? I got up and told him sternly cas nothing happend lol I started ignoring him I new I was hurting him but If he moves on I won't feel weired when I'm with him 2 WEEKS LATER I got up this morning feeling sad truth is I cry my self to sleep every night I miss cam but I no he is better off without me in his life plus my uncle zayn Malik (from one direction if u did not no) was making me move with him and he hates boys that Like me. I'm off limits to the rest of the band and we'll any of his friends and Cameron is his best friend from magcon so he'd kill cam then he'd ground me till I'm dead or somthing.

Cameron's pov

It's been 2 weeks since nat stopped talking to me I gess I have to move on. I have a new best friend her name is Cassie but nat is still my best friend my sister.Cassie is just back up and she knows that so I'm not gonna hurt Cassie.

Cassie's pov

I'm only helping cam cas nat is secretly my sister and I don't want her hurt or cam hurt. But I no somthing he don't know natile is moving with my uncle zayn and his band I was gonna go but nat can't no about me even tho were twins I look different. The resin I'm a secret is cas I hurt nat I have this energy that I give off and it hurts nat's brain that's why we're not friends or on speaking terms. We keep are distance that's why I'm a loner and that's also why I'm always willing to help anyone no matter what is is we'll exept sex no no and no I'm still a vergin I want cam to take my verginity I truly secretly like him and he likes nat I can't help but be jelly of her she's pretty and cam wants her it's not fair.

Nat's pov

It's been forever since I talked to cam I'm about to go and talk to him for the first time in forever (see what I did there) I walked up to him and said cam I miss you so much I can barely breath noing that I never told u goodnight " I no I should not tell you but I just can't stop thinking of you" really ? " yeah I- I love you nat" I love you to cam he picked me up and twerled me around then slowly put me down he lend for word and so did I then there was only inches between us are lips touched and I felt sparks like fireworks on the 4 of July he looked at me and said " now was that so hard to be In love with me?" We'll no it's not I'm glad to be in love with you cam I really am. He walked me home and at the last second he asked me this " will you marry me natile Lauren Richardson?" Umm.. "Do u really not know?" Umm.. YES OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU !!! We kissed then he was looking for a ring but he said " lol I did not bring it I guess I thought. We were not friends" lol way to ruin the moment cam he lifted me up and I climed up the tree and into my window when I climed in Sam was on my bed " congrats on ur engagement" umm thanks sam? "Welcome" he stood up and hugged me "why is ur belly getting big?" I looked down eel to be honest I don't know Sam " lol I no I'm just kidding" lol good " are u ever gonna have kids tho ?" Umm yea in a few years or so " ok night nat love you" love you to night

Sam's pov

My baby sister is engaged to that bimbo all he is gonna do is hurt her he claims that she is his first gf but she was not his first gf name was maghony and he killed her on her birthday or so I herd idk the real story but if that's true then my sister is not his next target. She is to graceful and full of life to die that's why I'm always hard on her about him she thinks I hate him cas he is steeling her from me when really he is realing her in as live bait for science class project called kill the girl that jerk if he puts one hand on her I'm cutting of his dick and feeding it to him while I chop off his arms and legs who gives a damn if I go to jail for murder if it's for natile it's worth it.

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