Bimbo full of love

I'm natilie but u can call me nat my full name is natilie Lauren Richardson I'm 15 I have a brother named Sammual but u can call him Sam or mual his full name is Sammual Michael Richardson we look alike but were not twins he is 17 years old he has a gf named Kia hilldabran I am single but I have a best friend named Cameron Dallas


1. about me

Hi I'm natilie but u can call me nat I have brown long hair with blue green eyes I'm a tom boy I have no meaning of life I like to party I've had sex befor I have a best friend named Cameron Dallas I have a big brother named Sam and I girl best friend named Cassie I have a Enime named Kia hilldabran I'm 15 and I'm adopted we'll so is Sam are real mum was a crack head are real dad died and so hear we are that's all u really need to no about me.

Nat's pov

Ugh it's summer time still that means no school YAY!!!! I'm happy it's fun and cool I got up got in the shower and washed my hair and body then I got out and curled my hair I grabbed my towl and walked. Into my room when I saw cam on my bed just looking at me he came up to me and hugged me heyy nat he said lol hey cam I said back he walked into my bathroom and closed the door I got dressed in my blue short shorts and my white belly shirt with my black nike sandals slip on's then opend the door on cam he was pooping I walked in and shut the door then sat on his lap he was hugging me while pooping lol I got up so he could wipe and I turned around so he could put on his boxers and pants when he was done we walked into my room and climed out the window to pass my mum that bitch when we jumped off the tree we got in my friend Cassie's car and left we went to the park the haunted park with the haunted house we walked in when I got lost I was in a basement and someone was with me I screamed then I Hurd cam say my name I ran to him and Hugged him we left Cassie in there and ran to my house we walked in and Sam was mad and he got up and slapped me. WHER THE FUCK HAVE U BEEN DIDENT I TELL U NOT TO HANG OUT WITH THIS FAG !!! We'll um yea I'm sorry I said he pushed cam out the door and he looked at me I was crying he gave me a hug and said sorry but I did not want to hear his shit so I ran up stairs an grabbed my knife I lifted up my braclet and cut a deep cut I was mad like 3hr later cam came over into my windo and stayed the night with me at like 3am my dad came home I ran down stairs and hugged him DADDY OMG DADDY UR BACK U LIVED my dad is in the army he gave me a big bear hug then we ate pie then I went to sleep when I woke up my dad was gone once again. He messed up my life he is always gone I got up and went up stairs and cam was sleeping I walked over to him and I slapped him he looked at me with hurt in his eyes I hugged him and said good morning handsome he looked at me and said morning sexy u look great as he grabbed my butt. Woe cam ur being a little grabby I said he looked at me and said sorry I looked at him IM JUST KIDDING !!! Lol he started laughing with me

Cams pov

We'll to be honest I nat I want her but u see she's WAY out of my dating limit so...I grabbed her but and she scared me at first but she responded we'll so we started laughing then I maid my move I kissed her we kissed...she liked it and was happy with it then I grabbed her but again and I got on top of her I kissed down her neck then I moved my way to her boobs I took of her shirt then her bra and kissed her boobs I sucked on each one for a good minute them I maid my way to her shorts I kissed down her legs then I went back up to her mouth as I was kissing her she took off my shirt and pants while I took off her shorts I stopped and looked at her do you want me to go on nat I'll stop if u want I asked umm yea let's umm stop she said getting dressed but I enjoyed that cam so thank you she stood up and left the room YES I NAILED IT!! I said I'm wining my favorite girl nat will be mine.

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