I need you, yet I hate you

Marina Mills was just a "average" 18 year old collage drop out. Youtube and Sleeping With Sirens fanatic, she didn't know that just one Warped Tour would change her life. Growing up in the Ghetto, because of her parents' choices in life, Marina discovers the one person that she never knew she needed in life was needed for her. She needed him, yet she hated him.


8. till we meet again

I smiled and walked over to where he was standing, facing me, just smiling, hands in pockets. As I got closer I looked down blushing, but I looked back up when I reached him. 

"Hey." I said still smiling.

"Gosh I only saw you an hour ago but it feels like longer!" Damon said hugging me after. I hugged him, blue hair in my face though. 

"I guess I missed you too." 

"Wanna get some tea?" Damon asked pointing over to the free tea people were handing out.

"Yes." I said grabbing his hand and dragging him over to the back of the tent. I heard him laugh and pull me back. 

"Why get little cans when we can get the big ones?" My eyes got big and Damon lead me to behind the tent where we both got a big can. 

"I love you so much for this!" I tackled him in a hug. I could feel Damon tensed up, but that soon went away and he hugged me back.

"Okay you love birds, break it up before fans see and get jealous." Bryan Stars said walking behind the tent, grabbing a can, and opening it.

"W-what? We aren't love birds." I quickly responded. That's when I realized how close Damon was to me. I took a step to the right away from him.

"Save it Marina, we all know." I looked at him wide eyed.

"How do you know my name?"

"Really? Why not ask Fizzy here? You are all he's talked about today." I blushed and looked over at Damon who was looking down and away rubbing the back of his neck.

"Awe see Damon has a crush." Bryan said giving him a friendly shove.

"Let's go Marina." Damon said grabbing my hand and gently pulling me away.


We finally stopped at the This Wild Life set. The stage was in a small shady area with a lot of trees, many of which people were sitting in.

We sat down under one off to the side away from the crowd.

"Hey, don't let Bryan pick on you so easily." I said ruffling his hair, making it messier than it already was. Just to match his "Messy Hair Don't Care" shirt.

"I don't mind it, he does it to everyone."

"Then cheer up!" I said. "And turn that frown upside down." I got closer and lifted his mouth up. He smiled and turned his head away.

"See there we go."


( the end of the day)

I stood in the parking lot (with Raygan who was inside already) outside the car.

"I hope to see you again." Damon said leaning against the car door.

"Yeah, it would be great to see you again."

"Well you have my number, so if you need anything, or just want to talk, feel free to call."

"Same goes to you." I really didn't want to leave Warped. I had so much fun. Seeing the bands, and hanging with Damon.

"What's wrong?" He asked tilting my head up at him though he wasn't much taller than me.

"I just don't want to leave." I said smiling and laughing. "Today was so much fun."

"Hey I don't want you to leave either. But I will see you again, I'll make sure of that." Damon brought me in for a hug.

"Well I'll see you." He said letting go.

"See you." Damon started to walk back into the venue but turned back a few seconds later. He jogged over and gave me a kiss on my cheek.


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