I need you, yet I hate you

Marina Mills was just a "average" 18 year old collage drop out. Youtube and Sleeping With Sirens fanatic, she didn't know that just one Warped Tour would change her life. Growing up in the Ghetto, because of her parents' choices in life, Marina discovers the one person that she never knew she needed in life was needed for her. She needed him, yet she hated him.


3. Forget You

"Fizzy? As in Youtube Damon?" I said choking on the water that I already swallowed. How I don't know.

"Yes as in Youtube Damon!" Raygan yelled back at me. I was still looking at him, he was so  nice...

"Shush, he'll hear you!" I whispered and covered her mouth with my hand. Damon looked over at us and smiled. Either he heard what Raygan said or he noticed me staring at him.

He turned back to the girls and said something to them before walking away from them, towards us. I removed my hand from Raygan's mouth.

"I knew I would see you again." Damon said smiling down at me. I wanted to smile, he was so nice and funny, and adorable. I forced myself not to. He stopped smiling and his face become serious and concerned.

"Hey, whats wrong?" He knelt down besides me. "Miss, do you mind if I talk to Marina alone for a bit?" Raygan smiled.

"Of course not." She quickly got up and walked over to another tree and put in her headphones.

He stayed quite a few seconds, just looking at me, as if he was studying me.

"What's wrong?" He said still looking at me, but he was closer this time. I stayed silent and looked away towards the stage. He cupped my face in his hands and forced me to look at him. Though his touch was gentle.

"Tell me, Marina." No. I pulled away from him and back away, I shook my head.

"I hate you, I don't like you." I said in a whisper. Damon's eyes got wide.

"What...," He looked like he was about to have an emotional breakdown. "What did I do wrong?" I couldn't see him like this, I don't like him but I don't want to see him like this. I looked at the grass.

"What did I do? Tell me." I still refused to look at him. Damon got up and ran. I don't know where to, he just ran.

"You did not just do that," Raygan said standing in front of me. "You literally just broke his heart."

"What are you talking about?" I said looking up at her.

"He liked you, Marina. I saw it in his face when he smiled at you walking over here." I scoffed.

No he didn't, he was just a nice person. So why do I hate him? That's right, he ruined my cousin's life, my cousin who isn't living anymore. She was in love with him, I guess he didn't feel the same. I had never met him when they were together, I only saw him on Youtube.

So I have my reason.

"I'm going to find him." Raygan said taking her bag and jogging off in the direction Damon went.

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