I need you, yet I hate you

Marina Mills was just a "average" 18 year old collage drop out. Youtube and Sleeping With Sirens fanatic, she didn't know that just one Warped Tour would change her life. Growing up in the Ghetto, because of her parents' choices in life, Marina discovers the one person that she never knew she needed in life was needed for her. She needed him, yet she hated him.


18. centuries

After about an hour of laying there I finally decided to get up. I slowly and quietly creeped out into the what you could call living room, Damon was fast asleep so I went back over my bunk and grabbed my bag.

 When I came back he stirred and i knew it was to risky to go out that way. I looked at the back door and made my move. I took one last look at him before opening the back door and leaving.

"You will remember me for centuries." I whisper closing the door.


Damon pov


I woke to Bryan and Johnnie shaking me.

"What do you want?" I groaned and rolled over. Images from mine and Marina's fight yesterday flashed before my eyes.

"Get up." Bryan said harshly.

"What's wrong with you?"

"What did you do to Marina?" Johnnie said. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and looked at them.

"What do you mean? we got into a small fight last night outside of the bus then when I came back in she was sleeping."

"Well she's not there now." I got up and slowly walked over to the bunks afraid of what I might find. And the bunk was empty, neatly made and her bag was gone.

"Climbing out the back door, didn't leave a mark." I mumbled.



just a short filler chapter sorry :| but the song I was that >>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CqgBR8bi-4

I say you should listen to it.

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