I need you, yet I hate you

Marina Mills was just a "average" 18 year old collage drop out. Youtube and Sleeping With Sirens fanatic, she didn't know that just one Warped Tour would change her life. Growing up in the Ghetto, because of her parents' choices in life, Marina discovers the one person that she never knew she needed in life was needed for her. She needed him, yet she hated him.


16. Cause jersey just got colder and I'll have you know i'm scared to death

Damon pov


I was visiting with the Fizzy Family when a girl came up to me.

"Damon, this girl over there was being mean to me, she refused to take a picture of you and me." I looked at the girl then at where Marina was because I knew that was who she was talking about, only to find out she wasn't there. You know there is no reason to be rude to my fans. Then for her to just run off like that.


I finished up with the group of girls and went out to find her.


Marina pov


I was sitting on the couch in the bus when the door opened. I froze and sat up.

"Marina?" That wasn't Damon's voice. I calmed down and stood up.

"Oh, hi Johnnie." I said.

"Weren't you out with Damon?" I looked down and cringed. "What happened?"

"He's going to kill me when he finds me." I looked at Johnnie tears rimming my eyes.

"Why?!" He paniced and came towards me.

"A fan of his was rude to me so I was rude back and she went to tell Damon, so I ran and he's going to kill me."


Damon pov


I walked all around the venue till I finally got to the buses. I can't believe her. I opened the door and stormed onto the bus to see Marina asleep on the couch.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I yelled and yanked her off the couch. Her eyes shot open and she looked at me terrified. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!" I threw her down on the bus floor and she scampered back.

"Damon, please, hear my side of the story." She begged standing up and backing into the corner.

"YOUR SIDE. YOUR SIDE! HELL, WHAT IS THERE TO TELL?" She looked scared and you could easily tell she was about to cry. "WHY IS IT THAT YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE SUCH A BITCH ALL THE TIME?"


"JUST SHUT UP CADY!" I covered my mouth as soon as those words came out. "Oh my god, Marina I'm so sorry..." I took a step closer to her.

"Save it." She muttered and ran into the small bathroom. I followed but she got there first, shutting the door and locking it.

"Marina, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! Please open up!" I banged on the door.

I really screwed up didn't I?

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