I need you, yet I hate you

Marina Mills was just a "average" 18 year old collage drop out. Youtube and Sleeping With Sirens fanatic, she didn't know that just one Warped Tour would change her life. Growing up in the Ghetto, because of her parents' choices in life, Marina discovers the one person that she never knew she needed in life was needed for her. She needed him, yet she hated him.


19. animals

Damon pov


I've been sitting on her bunk for the past hour, she left me. She really left me.

"I have to find her." I said quietly to myself before hopping of the bed and grabbing my phone.

"Damon?! Where are you going?" Johnnie asks as I walk off the bus and over to where my car had been parked.

"I'm going to hunt her down, just like animals." I got in my car and pulled out.




All Marina and I have done since we met is fight, but some how she does something to me that I can't explain. So what you trying to do to me it's like we can't stop we're enemies? maybe we can just start over, again, when I find her.

"She wont want to start over Damon, stop being stupid and use you brain for once." I told myself. I shook my head and closed my eyes as I came to a red light. I let out a sigh and gripped the steering wheel.

"I'm so sorry..." I whispered and continued to drive.


I drove around for a few hours before finally pulling into the coffee Marina and I sat at just about 2 days ago. Wow, two days ago...

 I sat down at an empty table in the corner and pulled out my phone. I had a few texts from the other Youtubers from the tour asking where I'm at. I replied saying I was fine but I don't think I will be finishing the tour. We had a few more stops and I really don't want to go back without Marina.

I decided to text her.

Hey where are you?

Marina please answer me

I miss you

I got up and left. I need to find a hotel to stay in.


Marina pov


I had just finished unpacking my things into Raygan's guest bedroom. At least I'm not homeless. I picked up my phone and flopped down on the bed. 3 texts from Damon. I quickly deleted the messages and turned on the tv. There was a Walking Dead marathon playing and my fangirl started to come out. I really like the Walking Dead and when the marathons come on I will stay up and watch every episode.



its 2 am and I am still watching the Walking Dead... #sorrynotsorry I finally decided I needed some air so when the commercail came on I ran downstairs and onto the back patio.

I took in a deep breath an stared at the sky. I'll admit I really miss Warped, everyone was really nice, but then there was Damon.


when 7 am hit I went to get some coffee. I walked over to the closest Starbucks, it was risky walking into one since Johnnie texted me saying how Damon left to find me. Damon likes Starbucks. But I didn't feel like going to my normal coffee shop.

As I was leaving a familiar car pulled into the parking lot. I panicked and ran to the bathroom, keeping the door cracked so I can see. I watched Damon walk into the shop. He looks tired, and just awful in general. He looked so weak and frail and his face was pale. You could clearly see his eyes were red and puffy, and his hair was messily tucked under a beanie. I watched as he walked up to the line. "It was for the best." I said, but apparently not quiet enough. Damon looked over in my direction and I quickly closed the door.



Damon pov


I walked into Starbies and made my way to the end of the line. I'll admit getting Starbucks did lift my spirits a bit. People gave me looks as I got to the end of the line, probably because I looked homeless. If only they knew what I was going through....

"It was for the best" A very faint voice said to my right. I turned my head just in time to see brown and black hair tuck into the bathroom, and closing the door. I raised an eyebrow and questioned weather to go over there or not. I finally decided against it and not step out of line. It was probably nothing anyway.

"But how many people do you know with that hair?" My mind tells me but I push it away. I really didn't even see much and my brain probably just made me see her hair just to make me feel better.


I got my drink and went back to my car to start another long day of searching.

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