His name was Jimmy and he was perfect. Pale blue eyes, long brown hair, and a face that looked as though it had been carved by angels. He was a rose at the top of the social ladder while I was a thorn at it's base that was only noticed when it got in the way. Every girl on the social ladder admired his muscular arms and chiseled jaw. He was irresistible, from his deep and comforting laugh to his tall form and quick step. Even guys couldn't resist him, he was surrounded by friends and potential lovers, which is why I was surprised when out of everyone he chose me.


3. day two


SaturdayDec 6

I woke up the next morning with the most massive headache of my life, which was greatly magnified by the sun shining through a huge window across from the bed I was in. I looked around at my surroundings, having completely forgotten how I ended up here, and taking in the cleanliness of the room once again. On the bedside table beside me, a clock read 9:23 in the morning. I released a huge yawn and slid out of the covers, gently sliding my feet on to the floor. I looked down, barely missing Jimmy's sleeping figure curled up in a sleeping bag beside me.

"Well that explains my unfamiliar surroundings..." I thought to my self. I stepped around him, walking towards a set of three doors. I stared at them, utterly confused as to which would lead me to a washroom, and tried the middle one.

It slowly creaked open, revealing a tidy closet with rows of dark clothing and a whole bookshelf of shoes.

I tried to one to the left, opening it to reveal a gorgeous, well lit, washroom with marble counters and black and white floor tiles. A huge mirror was rimmed with a gold trim, and spiral lights stood out from the ceiling. I slid my hand across the smooth countertop as I shut the door and walked over to the toilet, which was hiding behind a frosted glass door at the end of the room.

After I used the toilet, I washed my hands in the deep glass sink that rested on the counter. I smiled as the water flowed through the waterfall tap, washing away the remnants of the plain Dove soap I had used.

I looked at myself in the mirror

When I walked out of the bathroom, Jimmy was standing over his bed, folding the sleeping bag he had slept in. I tugged at the sides of his plaid shirt that I wore, feelings self conscious as I stood in front of him in my underwear.

"Morning sunshine," he looked over at me, his typical smug grin on his face.

"Morning," I walked over and sat at the end of his bed as he walked over to put the sleeping bag in his huge closet.

"Only known you a day, and I've already had to care for your drunken body," he stepped out of the closet and looked at me, my cheeks immediately burning up.

"I am so sorry," I stared down at my hands, but looked back up at the sound of him laughing. 

"No, it's fine. I already enjoy your company, and last night was fun," he walked over and smiled at me, "my mom's away in Mallorca right now, so we have the house to ourselves. Want to go downstairs and make a huge feast in our underwear?" I nodded, feeling less self conscious as we walked downstairs together and into his massive kitchen. 

Gorgeous granite countertops lined two walls, and an angular island faced the living room. Lights hung down from the ceiling above the island, where a sink and jars of different grains lined the back of the counter. A higher bar was set up on the island, looking down at the sink. The other counter's were below chestnut cupboards, which added to the elegance of the beautiful kitchen. Stainless steel appliances matched the silver handles of drawers and cupboards, and even the silver faucets on each of the three sinks. 

"Your house just keeps on getting better," I shyly followed him over to the fridge, where he opened it up to reveal a sparse amount of food. 

"Yeah, it's great, except for when I forget to buy groceries," he shut the fridge door and looked at me apologetically, "how does pizza for breakfast sound?"

"Wonderful," I smiled, walking over to sit at a bar stool while he phoned Domino's Pizza. I noticed my phone on the counter, and grabbed it, turning on the screen to see three messages from my mom.

Thanks Jimmy, of course she can stay - 1:34 am

Myra, going with your dad to pick up tree, be home at around 6 - 9:33 am

Dad wants to know if you want ham or turkey for Xmas - 9:59 am

I responded to the last one, choosing turkey, then scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram while I waited for Jimmy. I shut off my phone as he hung up and walked over to me.

"I've got connections, so we will have pizza in approximately..." he had his hand in the air, counting down from three, when the doorbell rang. 

"Billy, my man!" I waited by the kitchen as he walked to the front of the house to open the door, "keep the change." He shut the door, walking back over with two large boxes of pizza.

"Cheese pizza for miss veggie, and meat lovers to quench my carnivorous tendencies," he opened the boxes, the wonderful smell of melted cheese filling my nostrils.

"How did you get that pizza so fast?" I put a slice on to a square white plate that he placed in front of me, and watched as he did the same.

"Billy is my cousin, I just call his cell and if he's nearby he brings me whatever pizza he's delivering at the time. Today it was like the God's arranged these two pizza's perfectly for us," he bit in to his pizza, grinning at me. I felt kind of guilty as I took a bite as well, feeling sorry for whoever was expecting their pizza shortly. The guilt went away, however, as I savoured the delicious flavor. I hadn't eaten pizza since my trip to Italy four years earlier. Although the italian pizza was absolutely amazing, it was nice to just have a simple American slice.

"So what's your mom doing in Mallorca?" I followed Jimmy to the couch, both of us with two large slices on our plates as we sat down.

"She's with her Canadian lover, he's some fancy lawyer that owns a winter house down here. He broke his arm and some stupid love story about how they met in the emergency room. I've never met the guy, but my mom is head over heels for him," he switched through the channels, finally stopping on some show about real police chases.

"That's kind of cool, Spain is such a beautiful country," I could tell he wasn't happy with the topic, so I decided to ask him if he'd ever travelled.

"I went skiing in Switzerland every year until my dad died when I was ten, and now the only travel I do is going to airports to pick up my mom," for the first time since meeting Jimmy, I watched as a frown spread across his face. 

"Tell me about you," he plastered on a fake smile and looked over at me, taking a huge bite out of his pizza.

"Well, I've been all over Europe, Canada, and parts of the United States. I went to Mexico for a couple weeks to stay with my uncle this summer, and actually on Thursday I was in Peru. I arrived Thursday night and found out that I would be going to an American school for my final year. I was supposed to be homeschooled this year so I could go to university in Europe, but my parents changed the plan when they heard about all the Ivy League schools here."

"Oh wow," Jimmy looked back over at me, "well, I'm really glad you did come to Glendale." He smiled at me, and I felt butterflies in my stomach as I smiled back.


"Thanks for having me, and driving me home," I leaned over and habitually kissed Jimmy on the cheek, "sorry, Belgian thing." I blushed as I quickly turned to open my door. 

"It's fine," he laughed, unlocking the doors as he watched me struggle. I grabbed my purse, stepping out of the car and closing the door. He waited while I walked up the stone path to the front door, and unlocked it. I turned around and waved at him, and he waved back before driving away.

"Hi Zesty," I shut the door as I walked in the house, my dad's huge black lab running up to me.

"You look like shit," my older brother walked up to me, smiling as I ran over into his open arms. 

"When did you get home?" He laughed, as I noticed that he still wore his Army uniform. 

"I was in Canada visiting grampa last week, and flew down here today. I wore my uniform because Americans always let officers get on the plane first if they're in uniform," he grinned at me as I stepped away, admiring how handsome my brother was. He was the tallest in the family, with buzzed black hair and tan skin. Mom always said his skin was from my Dad, who was Canadian, because the sun doesn't shine in Belgium enough for it to have come from her. I got my mom's pale skin, but I didn't mind. 

"Does mom know you're back?" we walked together into the parlour, sitting across from one another.

"Nope, so I had to break in," he pointed to the open window in the parlour, "the whole time I was praying this was the right house. Zesty was my clue that it was, and all these unpacked boxes," he patted Zesty on the head and we both looked around the room. We had been living here two weeks, I only for two days, and my parents had barely unpacked anything. 

"Yeah I'm not sure what mom and dad are waiting for," I laughed, standing up, "well, I'm going to go have a much needed shower and then hopefully mom and dad will be home by then for dinner. Mom is totally going to freak out when she sees you." 

"If you hear screaming, don't worry it's just mom," we both laughed. My mom loved to be dramatic, she says her feisty-ness comes from 41 years of dealing with stubborn Belgians, "oh and, when you come back down I want to hear all about your night." He winked at me and I turned, shaking my head, as I walked up the stairs to my room. 

Our house was no where near as big as Shaq's or Jimmy's, but it was comfortable. We had four bedrooms and three bathrooms on the second floor, and a kitchen, parlour, living room, dining room, and two offices on the main. The basement was one big rec room that my dad joked about turning into a man cave, and the backyard was just a big empty yard with overgrown grass. 

I was still in the process of unpacking, due to only being here three days now, most of which hasn't been spent at home, so I walked in to my box filled room. I had a pale yellow room, with two long rectangular windows overlooking the front of the house. I had put up white curtains, set up my bed, and unpacked my clothes; that was about it. I had a tiny, in comparison to Jimmy's, walk in closet, and an en suite bathroom. In between the two windows there was even a fancy glass door that led to a small patio that connected across the front of the second story. My room here was much bigger than mine in Belgium, although I definitely missed the 12 foot ceilings and all of the history that surrounded our 300 year old home. 

I walked into the bathroom, taking off my clothes and piling them in the corner of the room as I opened the glass door of the walk in shower. Unlike Jimmy's washroom, mine was all plain white stone, with white walls. It wasn't very elegant, and completely colourless, besides the purple towels I had stolen from my parents. 

When I finished showering, I stepped out and dried myself off. I then snuck across the hall to my parent's room, stealing two ibuprofen from her medical kit. My headache hadn't gone away all day, and this hangover was starting to wear me down.


When I was done getting ready, I checked my phone and saw that it was 6:38, which meant I should hear my mother screaming any minute. I wore a burgundy skirt with a black tank top tucked in, and a small black blazer over it. My legs were covered in black tights, and I almost slipped as I walked down the wooden stairs. 

"Carter?!" I looked around the house, finally finding him standing in the backyard, having changed into khakis and a Green Day shirt, tossing a stick for Zesty. 

"Carter, where's mom and dad?" I stepped out on to the deck, feeling the warm sun on my skin. 

"I'm not sure," he tossed the stick again, Zesty leaping off of the deck and chasing it down the yard, "when should they be home?" 

I checked the time on my phone, "Mom said around 6:00, it's 6:40 now." Carter shook his head, clapping as Zesty ran back on to the deck with the stick in his mouth. 

"Mom probably went bipolar about which tree was the fullest and greenest. I bet they'll be home soon," Zesty growled as Carter tried to pull the stick from his mouth, and I laughed as Carter pretended to growl back. 


"I'm going to make some kraft dinner, sound good?" I walked in the kitchen shortly after 8:00 to find Carter standing there with a blue box of KD in his hands. I had texted mom at 7:00, but still hadn't heard anything. 

"Yeah, sounds good," I decided I shouldn't worry and sat down at the breakfast nook. It was a little square room that stuck out the back of the house, and was completely surrounded by windows with a white table in the middle. Mom hadn't unpacked the cushions, so I sat down on the hard white bench, watching Carter fill a pot with water. 

"Crap, we don't have any butter..." I watched Carter rifle through the fridge, shutting it after not discovering any, "have you made friends with any neighbours who could lend you some?" I shook my head, sliding my phone in to my back pocket and grabbing my keys.

"I'll go get some, there's a Kroger's 5 minutes away," Carter smiled at me and I slid on my boots, walking out the door and climbing in to my tiny black Honda Fit. 

Driving was my favourite part of each day. It was the only time I was completely alone and had plenty of time to think. Driving at night was the absolute best; the streets were empty, my only companion being the faint orange glow of the suburban street lamps. 

While I was standing in Kroger's, trying to decide between salted and unsalted butter, I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. 

"Hello," my phone was still European, so my caller ID didn't work for American phones.

"Hi sweetie it's your mother, we just got some really bad news up in Canada. George's great aunt died, so we are at the airport now waiting for the next flight to Ottawa. Will you be okay alone at the house?" She spoke really quickly, sounding like she was breathless from running through the airport.

"Yeah I'll be totally fine, don't worry. Tell dad I'm really sorry."

"I will honey, and I'll wire, or whatever it's called these days, you some money so you can pick up your American phone on Monday and pick up a few groceries and some gas. We'll be back after the funeral, so hopefully no longer than a week or two." 

"Thanks mom, I'll be fine!" she told me she loved me and that her flight had arrived, so her and dad had to go. I hung up before telling her about Carter, figuring she would be even more upset if she knew she was missing the chance to see him.

I finally decided on salted butter, and went up to the cash to pay, surprised to see Grayson standing in line with a stick of butter and a carton of milk as well.

"Hey veggie tale, what are you doing here?" He turned around when he saw me, his handsome face forming into a smile. He wore grey Nike sweat pants and a black hoodie, and on his feet were flamboyant red sneakers.

"Didn't have all the stuff for Kraft Dinner," I held up the butter stick and he laughed.

"Same, actually," he turned, placing the milk and butter on the counter before the girl scanned them. After he paid, he lingered while she scanned my butter and I pulled out my wallet.

"Did you get home safe last night?" he asked.

"Yeah, Jimmy took care of me," I looked up, catching a brief flare of jealousy on his face.

"Jimmy's a good guy," he covered up with. I nodded, taking the butter and my receipt from the girl. He walked beside me as we went out to the parking lot.

"Nice wheels," he watched me as I walked over to unlock my car and climb in. His car was parked beside mine, and towered over mine. It was a huge black Hummer with silver plating. 

"You too," I looked up at him as he placed his groceries in the passenger seat.

"See you around veggie tale!" I shut my door and waited for him to climb into his car before I backed out of the parking lot and headed home. 


"Hey Carter, Mom called me while I was in the store," I placed the butter on the counter, and he quickly added the right amount to the cooked noodles, "dad's great aunt died so they're flying back right now to Ottawa." 

"You're kidding right? I came all the way here when I could have just stayed in Ottawa?! Did you tell her I'm here?" He looked frustrated as he angrily poured in the packet of cheese.

"No, she was in such a rush I didn't get a chance." 

"Well, I leave tomorrow anyways to fly up to Virginia Beach for a conference. Will you be okay on your own here?" He started to dish out the KD in to two mugs, I guess mom hadn't unpacked any bowls yet, "Here," he handed me a warm mug and a fork, and we both walked over to the breakfast nook. 

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I've already made a few friends and mom said she would transfer me some money."

"Okay good," we both took huge bites of the macaroni while Zesty whined at the end of the table, "how was your first day?

"Really good, I met some - shit!" I suddenly remembered the permission form I needed my mom to sign and got up from the table, running to my bag by the stairs to grab it, "do you think you could sign this as my guardian? I forgot I need this for Tuesday." Carter nodded, chewing on some macaroni, and I handed him a pen. I watched as he expertly foraged mom's signature on the paper and handed it back to me. 

"You're good," I slid the paper back in to my bag and put it on the floor.

"How do you think I got out of so many parent teacher meetings?" He winked at me, and we continued eating our mug macaroni. 

At 11:30 I heard Carter go in to mom and dad's room for bed, so I went back upstairs to my room to quietly unpack some things. After an hour of unpacking, I eventually passed out on my bed. The quiet suburban life was definitely something I was going to have to get used to. 

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