His name was Jimmy and he was perfect. Pale blue eyes, long brown hair, and a face that looked as though it had been carved by angels. He was a rose at the top of the social ladder while I was a thorn at it's base that was only noticed when it got in the way. Every girl on the social ladder admired his muscular arms and chiseled jaw. He was irresistible, from his deep and comforting laugh to his tall form and quick step. Even guys couldn't resist him, he was surrounded by friends and potential lovers, which is why I was surprised when out of everyone he chose me.


5. day six


Wednesday, Dec 10

Finally I got on to Sun Bay Road and looked for a mailbox with number 22 on it. All of the houses and cottages along the street were huge stone buildings with lots of glass and intricately designed. When I found twenty two, I had to wake up to get Jimmy to put in a code on the gate to let us past. As the doors opened it looked like the driveway led to just sand dunes, but as I pulled down the bank, it revealed the most incredible cottage hidden amongst the beautiful, clear, sand.

Although it was dark, I could see that the cottage was a combination of wood and stone. Windows lined the entire front of the cottage overlooking the water, and a glass tower stood high above it. The garage was underneath the cottage, and I had to wait again as Jimmy walked over and entered another code to open the door. He guided me in to the dark garage before dragging me out of the car and over to the water.

"Look!" he let go of my hand, presenting the glistening water to me. I looked around, noticing that two fences separated this beach area from the neighbouring ones; a private beach. Although it was cooler here than down in San Diego, it still was so lovely. 

"C'mon!" I turned and watched as Jimmy stripped off his t-shirt, then everything else, and raced into the water, "it's tradition!" he screamed as he dove into the black waves. I took off my shoes and walked closer to the water, looking for his head in the darkness.

"We always skinny dip on the first night at the cottage, so c'mon scaredy cat, don't break tradition," he popped up a couple meters from shore, and I nervously began removing articles of clothing. His eyes watched me, until I stood in just my underwear and bra, the cool air nipping at my bones. He turned and dove back under water, so I quickly unhooked my bra and removed my underwear, jumping in to the water. It felt even cooler than the air, and I had to force myself to venture further into the dark waters. 

"It's nice, huh?" Jimmy popped up close to me, and I instinctively covered my chest. 

"A little cool," I smiled and watched as he went under water, then came back up again right close to me. He was staring at me again, a smart grin across his face. 

"Six days I've known you," he started talking, his voice more loud against the crashing waves, "and already I wish I could keep you all to myself." I looked down at the waves, my cheeks burning up despite the cool air and chill water. He slowly waded closer to the shore, standing up with the water just below his chest. I followed him, like a moth drawn to a flame, and stood before him. The water just covering my breasts as the waves brushed by. 

He stared at me more, his eyes sliding across every square inch of my face. I shyly looked down again, but he carefully lifted my chin using one finger. When I was looking back at him, he slid his hand down and behind my neck, pulling me towards him. I had never been kissed before, but I can guarantee you that Jimmy's kisses are one of the sweetest things. His lips tasted like honey, and his hand on the back of my neck made me want more. He carefully kept his naked body away from me, and I did the same, just our mouths touching. 

"You are so beautiful Myra," he whispered in to my lips, causing my stomach to do back flips.

When he finally pulled away, a lingering emptiness arrive in the pit of my stomach, and I wished it could never end. He walked out, grabbing his boxers and sliding them over his wet legs. I followed, both of us giving one another privacy, and slid back into my bra and underwear. I stood there, shivering as the cool air wound around me, and Jimmy walked over, a look of determination on his face.

"What?" I smiled, enjoying this playful romance. He tried to hide a grin as he picked me up and spun me around. We laughed as he pretended to toss me in to the sand, landing on top of me in a push-up position. I looked in to his eyes, just inches from mine, and willed him to kiss me again. He leaned on one hand, looking down at my body as he used his other to gently grab my hip. When he looked back up, he barely hesitated before kissing me again. An explosion of emotions erupted throughout my body, and even in the cool air, every inch of me felt warm from his touch. 


When Jimmy finally broke the kiss, he grabbed our things and lead me in to the cottage. He gently released my hand as he entered another code that unlocked the main door and turned on the power. I followed him in as lights slowly turned on to illuminate the beautifully decorated interior. It wasn't as modern and luxurious as his home, but it was extremely cozy. Worn brown leather couches and seats circled around a large stone fireplace, and a soft fur rug lay in the middle with a heavy red oak table over it. The walls were all wood panelled, but somehow they didn't look tacky. An ancient black iron chandelier hung high above the living room on the 12 foot ceilings, tying together the old fashioned appearance of the room. To the right of the living, separated by a small set of stairs that spread across the room was the kitchen. Red oak cupboards and cabinets went with a beige, burgundy, and white marble and black appliances. I followed Jimmy up the two steps to the kitchen, where he walked straight past the fridge to a hallway that lead to a series of doors. 

"Bathroom, bedroom, basement, bedroom, office, bathroom, glass tower, and the glass room," he pointed to doors and archways as I followed him to the very end of the hall. He opened an unusual door, it was a heavy red wood with a black iron handle and designs molded into the wood. When it opened, it lead to the very front of the cottage that overlooked the glistening ocean. The entire wall was made up of floor to ceiling windows and you could see far out over the water. A large king sized bed with white blankets and furs on it was in the middle of the room. It had no headboard or anything and was just sitting there covered in comfortable things. The rest of the room was decorated with strange knick knacks. An old fashioned boudoir was off to one side, while on the other was a huge mirror that was lined with beautifully carved wood. 

Jimmy lead me by my hand over to the window, standing behind me with his hands on my waist as we looked over the ocean together.

I don't know how long we stood there, but the water was mesmerizing. His kiss was what finally brought me back to reality, and I got completely drawn in all over again. Slowly he guided us to the bed, and we just lied there for hours, just in our under clothes, tracing lines on one another's skin. There was no pressure to have sex or anything, it was all just electricity between us that felt more powerful than anything else. 


"Morning beautiful," Jimmy looked down on me, a distant sun glowing behind his head. 

"Morning," I smiled back at him, a genuine happiness warming up my body. 

"Hungry?" I nodded my head, watching as he quickly jumped up and left the room. A moment later he came in, pushing a cart covered in food. A stack of perfectly golden waffles, a bowl of freshly cut strawberries, two glasses of orange juice, real Canadian Maple Syrup; it was the sweetest gesture. "I took the liberty of assuming you're like most people and enjoy waffles." He grinned at me and I smiled. 

Once we finished the breakfast, Jimmy cleared the bed and took everything into the kitchen. I stole an oversized grey shirt from the boudoir and followed him out.  

The brilliant sun was shining in the huge windows of the cottage, and it warmed me as I made my way through the living room over to the sliding glass doors that looked over the dunes. I glanced at the clock above the fireplace as I walked, feeling somewhat guilty for skipping school, but also feeling a rush from being so rebellious. 

"Beach?" Jimmy came up behind me, holding two lawn chairs and a blanket.


We spent the rest of the day until sunset, laying on the beach, splashing in the water, kissing in the sand, and playing with a large beach ball. It was the most lovely day I had had in a long while, and I was overjoyed. When the sun finally set, I was actually sad to clean up and change back in to my normal clothes to start the long drive back to San Diego. 

By 5:45pm we were sitting in the car, staring at one another with stupid grins upon our faces. 

"This was the best day ever," Jimmy leaned over and kissed me, warming me to my core. 

"I agree." And with that, he started the engine and carefully backed out of the large garage. He paused the car as the garage door shut, and we both admired the crashing waves one more time for the day before turning out and driving back down along the coast. 

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