His name was Jimmy and he was perfect. Pale blue eyes, long brown hair, and a face that looked as though it had been carved by angels. He was a rose at the top of the social ladder while I was a thorn at it's base that was only noticed when it got in the way. Every girl on the social ladder admired his muscular arms and chiseled jaw. He was irresistible, from his deep and comforting laugh to his tall form and quick step. Even guys couldn't resist him, he was surrounded by friends and potential lovers, which is why I was surprised when out of everyone he chose me.


7. day nine

Saturday, Dec 13

Some people it was just a convenient peck, but for me and Jimmy, it was a passionate kiss. He set a fire low in my stomach, and I wanted to drag him away so that he could ignite it further. I felt a wall against my back as he continued to kiss me, both of us forgetting the 40 other people surrounding us. His hands slid down my back, and I could feel goose bumps spreading up my arms from his touch. Slowly they went down, curving over my butt and then sliding back up to my neck. 

"I did it!" the sound of Gordie shouting at me broke the moment, and I pulled away to look at Gordie who was excitedly clapping his hands, "I kissed Ryan and I did it and... SHOTS?" He looked so happy as he held up a large bottle of tequila. I looked up at Jimmy who was smiling at me, and he nodded his head. I grabbed his hand and we followed Gordie to the island where he lined up three shot glasses. Jimmy retrieved some pre-cut lemon slices from the fridge and the salt from the cupboard. 

"Follow me," I held my shot glass to my forehead and looked at them both, waiting for them to copy. "Pour la bonne chance," I tapped the shot glass to my forehead then held it out high in front of me, "pour la bonne future," I watched as they copied, then placed my shot glass back on the counter, "pour la bonne soiree!" I quickly licked my hand and threw back the tequila, then shoving the lemon into my mouth as I glanced between Gordie and Jimmy as they did the same. 

"Wow!" Gordie slammed the shot glass on to the counter, grabbing mine and Jimmy's to pour another round. 

"So that's the Belgian or Canadian way?" Jimmy looked at me as I wiped the leftover salt on to the floor. 

"Canadian," I looked up and he was grinning, making me involuntarily smile as always. 

"Ready?" we both turned to look at Gordie, who eagerly held the salt and lemons out to us. 

Four more shots later, and Gordie slurred out a sentence that sounded like "I have to pee," before disappearing and leaving me and Jimmy at the island. From there, the night got blurry. I remember Jimmy kissing me again, and then some girls came up to me with a bottle of raspberry vodka, which I couldn't resist. By the time I remembered to text the Barbies, my brain was barely functioning, so it read "the patil wad aoooo good, wjere ertr yoi giys?" After that, everything went black, the only thing I was conscious enough to understand was the loud thump of music as someone tossed my body around the dance floor. 


"Myra," the blackness somewhat faded as I felt someone kissing my neck.

"Jimmy," I looked down to see his shaggy hair fallen across his face as he traced kisses down my skin. He looked up, our eyes meeting and so much electricity flowing between us as he gently slid up on to his elbows to lean over me and kiss my lips. 

"Myra," he whispered again, his mouth brushing the nape of my neck, "you are the most beautiful girl in the world." His words were slurred and spaced out between kisses, but I still understood him and the fire I had felt was beginning to warm me again. He moved back up, kissing my mouth and sliding his left hand just above my waist. His touch soon overcame me, and I allowed myself the guilty pleasure of a lustful night underneath him. 


I opened my eyes to sunshine covering my queen bed. I quickly pulled the duvet over my eyes, protecting myself from the blinding light. After a moment, I dared to look around the room. When I didn't find Jimmy, I couldn't help but wonder if last night had just been a dream. 

I pushed the covers away, and stood up in front of my floor to ceiling mirror on one side of the room. I was naked from head to toe, and normally I would have shied away from my own reflection, but looking at myself now I felt gorgeous. I could still feel his kisses on my bare skin, and I traced lines over the spots he had touched me. A loud crash sounded from downstairs, and I quickly grabbed a white silk robe from my washroom and followed the sound.

To my dismay, I discovered a completely trashed main floor. Red solo cups littered the ground, and crushed beer cans were piled strangely in corners. 

'At least the party wasn't a dream,' I thought to myself as I crossed through the wreckage to discover Zesty munching on an overcooked hot dog. When had I bought hot dogs, let alone cook them? I walked through all of the rooms, happy to discover that at least no one had slept over, before going out to the backyard. There I discovered Jimmy, proudly standing in his Calvin Klein boxers with a black trash bag in his hand. 

"Morning beautiful," he looked up at me, grinning as he tossed a can into the bag. The entire backyard was a disaster. Dried puke covered the bannister, and the barbecue was open and filled with burnt hotdogs. A keg was pushed over in the middle of the lawn, surrounded my cups and someone's clothing. A thong hung from the wall light beside the glass door, and there was even a bra in hanging on the fence that bordered our neighbours. 

"At least last night was fun," I stepped down into the grass where Jimmy was standing and began helping him collect trash. 

"One of the best nights I've ever had," he smiled at me, a smile I hadn't seen before. It wasn't his smug handsome grin, it was a genuinely happy smile that lit up my stomach. I quickly put a hand to my belly, hoping to calm the butterflies, and surprised that even his smile could invoke such emotion within me. 

"Me too," I smiled back at him, hoping that I had the same effect, before continuing to help him clean. 

After four hours of intensive cleaning, we had filled 11 garbage bags full of trash. Grayson stopped by two hours in, offering to help and then bring the bags to the dump. Jimmy and I piled all the trash in to Grayson's car, then all of the empty, and intact, glass bottles into his car to cash later. Another two hours, and the house was spotless with no sign of any party having occurred. 

"So," Jimmy threw himself on to the couch, patting the seat beside him and waiting patiently for me to fixate myself beside him, "we have two more days of weekend. What do you want to do?" 

I looked at the turning fan on the ceiling, my head nested into his shoulder, and thought about it. I hadn't been in San Diego long enough to know what there was to do, but I knew they had beaches, which was enough for me. 

"How do you feel about the beach?" Jimmy grinned at me, kissing me on the forehead as he stood up.

"Well then veggie tale, let's go," he reached out and helped me up. 


"It's so empty!" we stepped out on to the cold sand, the freezing wind tearing at our skin. 

"It's 51 degrees, not exactly desirable weather," he laughed at me as tightened my shawl around my shoulders. 

I followed Jimmy across the sand to a small area behind a sand dune. It blocked out most of the wind, and we were able to lay out our blanket without it blowing away. Jimmy pulled out his phone and a Bluetooth speaker, setting them up in a safe wind-free area above a rock. He then slid down, gently laying beside me as I pulled out a Game of Thrones book from my bag.

Soon he had drifted to sleep curled up against me as the sound of Sam Smith played with the wind. I finished another chapter before shutting the book and placing it beside me. It wasn't long before I drifted to sleep as well.


When I woke many hours later, night had fallen over the quiet beach. The music had stopped and I rolled over to discover Jimmy still sound asleep beside me. I slowly say up, looking off at the dark waters as a cool breeze meddled with my hair.

Jimmy slowly sat up beside me, stretching his hands high in to the air and letting out a yawn.

"What time is it?" he asked, looking over at me as I pulled out my phone.

"It's ten."

"Oh shit," Jimmy quickly shot up, "I have to be at the house in 15 minutes to meet my mom!" I watched as he grabbed his things and tossed them in to a bag.

"I'll catch the bus," he glanced down at his watch, "number 43 goes right by my house and comes in three minutes by the wharf. It's faster than you driving to the other side of town. I'll see you later?" He quickly bent over and kissed me and I nodded my head, not even getting a chance to respond before he disappeared over the sand bank.

I sighed as I slowly packed up my things, shoving them all in to a tack Palm Springs bag before climbing over the loose sand and walking over to the car park. As I approached the car, I noticed that the inner light was on. I cursed as I unlocked it, figuring that I had just forgotten to turn it off, however as soon as the sound of it unlocking slowly escaped, a figure sat up in the back seat of the car.

Fear and panic overcame me as I stood and stared at the dark figure. It looked around, squinting at the darkness as it slowly slid towards the door. I took a step back as the figure reached for the handle, slowly opening the door. The only thing I remember before blackness overcame me was the feeling of two strong hands shoving me back on to the cold, hard, cement.

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