His name was Jimmy and he was perfect. Pale blue eyes, long brown hair, and a face that looked as though it had been carved by angels. He was a rose at the top of the social ladder while I was a thorn at it's base that was only noticed when it got in the way. Every girl on the social ladder admired his muscular arms and chiseled jaw. He was irresistible, from his deep and comforting laugh to his tall form and quick step. Even guys couldn't resist him, he was surrounded by friends and potential lovers, which is why I was surprised when out of everyone he chose me.


4. day five

Tuesday, Dec 9

Sunday flew by really quickly. Carter left in the evening, after treating me to a dinner at Red Lobster. Then I went home and watched reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Monday school was normal. I had four new classes, but Jimmy wasn't at school so I had to find them myself. I ate lunch with the Barbie's, but they ditched me half way through for cheerleading practice. It was weird making my own dinner and being alone at the new house, but Zesty slept at the end of the bed, and ate the leftovers of the Thai food I ordered last night. 

It was day three at school for me, and I had already been labelled as one of the new 'Barbies', and was apparently hosting a rager at my house this Friday. The only good thing about not having everything unpacked was that I could move all the boxes in to one room and lock it so that nothing could get destroyed. It was Katie's idea for the party, but all the guys wanted in and invited almost every senior at the school. 

"Good morning cutie!" I had gotten to school early, so I was sitting in Mr. Green's class reading a book when the curly haired guy, Gordon walked in. 

"I was hoping everyone had forgotten about that," I blushed as he took his seat at the front of the class, turning around to look at me.

"If only... Glendale forgets nothing. I'm still called Rambo for the time I thought there was a fire and broke down the gym door to get out," he had a sweet smile, and it was nice to have him genuinely trying to comfort me. 

"Awe, well don't worry, I promise not to call you that."

"And I'll pretend I forgot about last Friday," he turned around in his seat to look at a paper on his desk.

"Hey, did you hear about my party on Friday?" Gordon lifted his head, not turning around, but I could tell by his body language that he was surprised by my question.

"Uh, no," he stuttered, still not turning around.

"Well, if you don't have plans, feel free to drop by," he turned around, a huge grin across his face. Gordon nodded his head as more students began to walk in, and turned back to his paper. I hadn't really heard anything about Gordon, except the Rambo story, so I figured there could be no harm in inviting him. 

"Mimi!" The loud voices of Katie and Jenna filled the room as they stumbled in. I watched as the hobbled over to the corner, Katie taking the seat to my left and Jenna standing, waiting to see if Jimmy would be coming today. 

"Are you guys drunk?" I could smell the vodka wafting off of their bodies, it surrounded me as they leaned in, both kissing me hello.

"Of course not," Katie leaned over even more, winking strangely at me. 

"Jimmy had a party last night for no reason because his mom wasn't home, everyone decided to pull an all nighter and so we're still kinda drunk from yesterday," Jenna bent over, holding her stomach as she laughed. My cheeks went hot again and I felt embarrassed. Jimmy had a party but didn't invite me? I tried to explain it by convincing myself that it was because we'd only known each other a couple of days, but I had thought there was something between us. 

"Dammit, guess I'll see y'all third period!" Jenna strutted away, almost falling over a pile of desks, as Jimmy walked into the classroom looking as hot as always. He was wearing a crisp white t-shirt with a small design of a black dragon on the breast, and tight black jeans. Ray Bans covered his eyes, and his hair was it's usual attractive mess. 

"Hey veggie tale," he sat down beside me, slouching down in his chair and tossing his books on to the desk in front of him. 

"Hey," I stared at my hands, hoping that Mr. Green would walk in any minute and save me from the awkwardness. I could feel Jimmy staring at me as I fidgeted with my pen, drawing circles on my book of Macbeth. 

"Mr. Whales, sunglasses off. Mr. Hines, hat off. Can you people not read signs? And Ms. Klein, phone away!" Mr. Green walked in to the class, staring at the students and pointing to a sign that had the class rules clearly depicted upon it, "now, today we will be analyzing Shakespeare, not any of his works, but the artist himself. Let's begin."


I walked out of the classroom, following behind everyone else as we filed out at the sound of the bell. I could feel Jimmy's eyes watching me as I separated from the crowd and walked down the hall to my locker. He stood back, lingering by the water fountain outside of Mr. Green's room. I opened my locker, getting my things, and then quickly turned to go to next period, walking straight passed Jimmy, who had replaced his sunglasses and was still watching me. 

"Ms. Bellasuarez," Mr. Pint was standing by the inside of my door, and I handed him the sheets he had given me last week. He smiled, taking them from my hand, "I have paired you with one of our best biology students, Gordon Houndright. I saw your grades from your previous school, and I think you need a partner at the same... academic level as you." I smiled at him, happy to be getting away from Jimmy, and followed him over to a desk by the front of the room. Gordon sat there, his curly hair covering his eyes as he peered down at a set of slides he was preparing.

"Mr. Houndright, this is your new lab partner," Gordon looked up as he spoke, staring at me.

"Hey Myra," he smiled, and I sat next to him.

"Excellent. Now, Ms. Bellasuarez, the instructions for today are on the board, and if you two need anything, let me know," Mr. Pint walked away, returning to his desk as more students filed in.

"So you didn't want to be Jimmy's partner anymore?" Gordon looked over at me, and I could feel my cheeks burn all over again.

"No just, um, Mr. Pint feels that I should have a partner at the same academic level as me," Gordon smiled at this, looking back down at his slides. I turned to look at the board, and Jimmy walked in front of it, approaching Mr. Pint. I stared at me as he walked, stopping to have a brief conversation with Mr. Pint before going to his lonely seat in the middle of the room. His eyes bore into the back of my head all of class while we studied skin tissues and dna, and when the bell rang, he followed me again to my locker.

"Myra, did I do something to upset you?" Jimmy asked. Gordon and I had made plans to eat lunch together to finish the lab, so I was quickly getting my things so I could go meet him in the library. 

"No," I looked up at him, feeling the same jello in my body I had the first time he stood here. I wanted to tell him I thought he really liked me, but the words didn't come out of my mouth, "it's fine. I'm just tired, and I bet you are too after your wild night." I shut my locker and started walking away, but he followed me again.

"What wild night?" He grabbed my wrist, and I turned to face him. I could deal with a lot of things, but liars weren't one of them.

"Jenna and Katie told me about your party," I tried to sound casual as I spoke, but there was an underlying hint of anger.

"I didn't have a party Myra, last night I was in the hospital room all night because my mom gave birth. Turns out she wasn't in Mallorca at all, she was at a beach house in Florida with her lover, and they rushed her here because she refused to give birth there. I didn't even know she was pregnant, but I literally came from the hospital to here," I felt flustered, realizing that he was telling the truth."

"Why would the Barbie's lie to me?" 

"They're bitches, Myra. Nobody likes them, they just show up everywhere and have powerful dads so we're nice to them," Jimmy released my wrist and stood in front of me. I felt guilty for being angry, but hurt that my "friends" had lied to me.

"I have to go," I turned to walk away.

"Can I see you after school?" Jimmy called after me, and I turned, nodding my head and holding up my phone. He grinned, turning towards the cafeteria.


"So we're all done!" It was halfway through lunch and Gordon looked down excitedly at the lab report that sat between us. It was fresh out of the printer and looked awesome. I smiled and we both slid copies in to our books.

"You seem down," we had pulled out our lunches and were munching away quietly when Gordon spoke. 

"I don't want to burden you with my problems, I mean you barely know me," I continued to stare at my sandwich.

"I can tell you're a good person, so I don't mind the burden," I looked up and he was smiling sincerely at me, so I allowed myself to trust him. I told him about the Barbie's and how they lied to me and that Jimmy apologized and told my they're horrible. It took me longer than I was expecting to explain everything, but Gordon listened the whole time, nibbling on his apple and nodding his head. 

"I've never had to deal with them, except for the Rambo name calling and occasionally pranks they enjoy to pull on me, but I know the Barbies stick together and destroy anyone they see as competition. A girl switched schools last year after they tortured her to the bottom of the social ladder. I recommend staying as far away from them as possible," I finished my sandwich while he spoke, and thought about his words. I had just felt so lonely when I came here that I was happy to have two friends that were female. I've always just had guy friends, so this was new to me. 

"You're right, I'll steer clear of them from now on, but I won't back down and let them destroy me," Gordon grinned mischievously at me, "I'll cancel their invites to my party Friday and say I'm cancelling it. That will be the beginning of bringing the Barbies down."

The rest of lunch me and Gordon sat, plotting the fall of the Barbies, until the bell rang and I had to go to next period, where I sat beside both of them. 


"Mimi!" I walked into third period and walked over to the seat beside Katie where she was excitedly patting her hand. I put on a fake smile and crossed the room.

"I have bad new guys," I quickly changed my expression and tried to look as sad as I could, "I have to cancel Friday. My mom texted me at lunch and told me her and my dad will be back Thursday morning."

"Oh no!" They both chimed in unison, and I frowned at them.

"Yeah, it sucks soo bad. But, hey, Jenna isn't your dad out of town?" I turned and looked at her, "let's just move the party to your place!" Katie started nodding her head and Jenna looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Well, I guess I could have a few friends over," she smiled, and me and Katie clapped our hands. 

"I'll text the party invites out right now!" I pulled out my phone and quickly texted Jimmy telling him party was still on, but Barbie's weren't coming. 


As I shut my locker and turned to walk away, I noticed Gordon slipping out of the boys washroom with bruises and cuts all over his face and arms. I started running over to him, dropping my stuff outside my locker, and Gordon stood still, staring at me.

"Oh my Gordie, are you okay?!" I cupped his face with my hands, leading him into the large disabled persons' washroom to clean him up. 

"Yeah, I'm fine..." he pulled his face away, but sat down on the toilet and allowed me to wipe at a huge gash on his eyebrow with a wet paper towel.

"Who did this to you?" I lifted his chin, making him look at me.

"It doesn't matter, I'm fine Myra."

"Gordie, tell me now," I tried to sound stern as I cleaned his eyes, but I could tell he was afraid to tell me. I tried to think of who would want to hurt him, but I hadn't ever really seen anyone talk to him before.

"It was," he sniffled, "Jimmy's friends.. the huge one, Shaq, and his mini me, Joey or Noah, whatever that other guy's name is." I stopped wiping his face and stood still, shocked that the people I had befriended would do this to someone. He looked up at me, concern across his face.

"I'm going to take you to the nurse," I stood him up and lead him out into the hall. I wasn't exactly sure where the nurse's office was, so we wandered around for a few minutes before I finally found it across from the science lab. 

Gordon hesitated before walking in, and I gave him an encouraging push.

"You have to tell her who did it," I reminded him, but he just looked back and gave me a weak smile. As soon as the door shut behind him, I ran to my locker and grabbed my things before running out to the basketball courts where I knew Shaq would be. When I got there, Jimmy and all of his friends were playing a pick up game, whooping and cheering like no one had just really hurt an innocent guy.

"Shaq," I yelled as I approached the black chain link fence that surrounded the court. I dropped my things again, allowing me anger to consume me as I stormed into the center of the court and approached him. Jimmy saw me coming and ran up to me, but I walked right past him. 

"Oh heeey veggie tale," Shaq smiled at me as I walked up to him, furiously pointing my finger in his face.

"How could you beat up Gordon like that?! For absolutely no fucking reason!" He stared at me, a blank expression on his face, and then glanced at Jimmy. I followed his glance and stared at Jimmy who was staring at the ground. "What?!" I shouted at them.

"The Barbie's told Shaq that Gordon was who keyed my car a few weeks ago," Jimmy spoke, looking up in to my eyes, "then today we all went out to get our bags from Shaq's car and his car was keyed too... They thought it was him and ran in to the school before anyone could stop them." I looked back at Shaq, who was hanging his head. I was starting to hate these Barbie's more and more with everything that they did. 

"That was low Shaq. Gordon wouldn't do that. You better apologize to him and stop listening to those fucking idiots," I turned on my heel, all of the guys watching me as I walked away. I collected my stuff and marched back to my car before I noticed Jimmy was following behind me.

"Myra!" I slammed down the trunk of my car after tossing my bag in, and walked around to the drivers side. I looked up at the sound of his voice and waited for him to reach me.

"Hey," I looked at my feet, embarrassed for my outburst although I knew it was the right thing.

"Hey," he stepped forward and pulled me into a hug. I dug my head in to the crevice in his chest and breathed in his scent. He smelled like sweat and something sweet. It was intoxicating. 

"Ready for our hang out?" He stepped away and looked down at me, and I nodded my head, "you drive." He winked at me and we climbed in to my car.

"I'll direct you, don't worry," I smiled at him, backing out of the driveway, "but you might miss school tomorrow."

I turned and stared at him, slowing to a stop just before leaving the parking lot, "what do you mean?" His beautiful smug expression spread across his face.

"It'll be worth it, I promise." 


Twenty minutes later and we pulled up to his house, where we got out and I followed him inside. I sat in his luxurious living room while he ran up stairs to quickly pack and overnight bag. 

"Ready?" He came down the stairs and I nodded, following him out to the garage where a long, wood panelled volkswagen sat, "road trip!" I laughed, climbing in to the passenger seat. We backed out, and I quickly jumped out to park my car in the garage before he closed it and we drove to my house. He waited in the car while I grabbed my things and grabbed Zesty. We agreed that she should come on the adventure, and put her in the spacious trunk. 

"I hope you like the classics," he held up an eagles cassette, sliding it into the ancient car. I smiled as we drove off, the sun just beginning to set over the highway. 

The clock read 5:28 before I fell asleep, and I woke up sick hours later at 11:48 to the car coming to a park outside of a 24 hours McDonalds.

"Hey sleepyhead, we're almost there. Let's grab a bite to eat, and then your turn to drive, but don't worry I have a GPS," he smiled at me, watching me stretch and release a big yawn. I had only known him for five days and he was already one of the best people I knew. 

I followed him into the McDonalds, and we both ordered our food and sat down. 

"So, will you tell me where we're going? You're practically a stranger to me, I mean you could be kidnapping me," I waved a frie through the air as I spoke, and he laughed. 

"It's called Half Moon Bay. It's about an eight hour drive from San Diego, and probably my favourite place in America. My dad left me his private cottage there when he died, and my mom doesn't know about it. She's been staying with her Canadian lover, so she won't even notice I'm gone, and I get to go on an adventure with you," he smiled at me, and I could tell he missed his dad. I felt honoured that he wanted to share such a special place with me. 

We climbed in to the car, I in the drivers seat, and waited while he set up the gps before heading off. It only took an hour of driving, but Jimmy passed out through the whole thing. The drive was incredible, it was along the coast of Cali and you could see ocean for miles on the left. I had never known America had such hidden beauty, not only within in this boy beside me but the beautiful coastline and starry sky. 


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