25 Ways To Die (Liam Payne Fanfic)

At first, he rescued me.
It was me and him against the world.
When life started to change, it was because of him that I needed rescuing.
But now that he's changed, who's going to rescue me from him?

Caelynn Jacobs was just a normal girl. She moved to New York to get a good job and be with her friends. After constant close death experiences, Caelynn realizes that Liam is always there, ready and willing to save her. The only problem is, when Liam drags her into his world, who's going save her from him?


1. Falling off a second story balcony

1: Falling off a second story balcony

“Well fuck you.” I seethed. I pushed my straight brown hair behind my ear and narrowed my eyes at my soon to be ex-boyfriend.

“Someone has to!” Alex snapped back at me, waving his arms in the air frantically. I rolled my eyes and turned to walk away from him. We were both angry, we were both slightly intoxicated, so I knew it was probably best to not make any rash decisions in this state.

“Don’t walk away from me.” He grabbed my arm and harshly yanked me back against his body. I immediately pushed him off of me, just so I could step forward to get up in his face.

“Do you really want to do this here, Alex? In front of all those people!” I whispered roughly, pointing down to the party taking place below us. He glanced down uneasily.

We were at my best friend’s house for a party. She and her boyfriend, I mean fiancé, were holding an engagement party for all their friends.

When Alex and I started arguing (again, for the billionth time this evening) over how he checked out another girl, we decided to take it upstairs for some privacy. The only problem, Georgia’s upstairs has no privacy. The hallway was an open balcony over the living room.

“Why does it fucking matter what they hear?!” Alex spun back around to face me, “that’s your problem- you care too fucking much what other people think of us. Why can’t our relationship be between me and you, Cae? Why do you always involve everyone else?” He shouted at me. I saw a couple heads below us look up.

“Not so loud.”

“Jesus Christ. This is exactly what I’m talking about! This argument is between you and me so why should you care if they hear us?!” He jabbed his finger towards the crowd. I rolled my eyes and turned away again.

“We’re so done.” I muttered under my breath.

“Excuse me?” I felt his large hand wrap around my arm once again. As he yanked me back, I tried to dig my heels into the floor to prevent myself from moving to him. Instead, the momentum made us smack together, causing Alex to stumble back against the wall and me to stumble back into the banister.

As soon as my back hit the flimsy wood, I knew what was going to happen. The unsupported rail snapped under the force of my body sending me over the edge of the small, indoor balcony.

They say that when you have a brush with death that everything slows down.

That’s complete bullshit.

I don’t remember anything about falling because it happened so fast. All I remember is the feeling of no longer whizzing through the air and the pain I felt as my back hit something.

As I landed with a loud THUD and a moan in pain, someone else grunted out.

I didn’t open my eyes right away, but I knew that the party abruptly erupted into chaos.

“Oh shit!”

“What happened?”

“Is she ok?”

“Are you ok?”

“Wake up!”

Various people were buzzing around me, their voices like wasps annoying my ear. I felt something wrap around my body. Warmth traveled through me as I was pressed to a hard chest.

“Just give her space. She’s obviously fine.” A voice right there with me barked out. It was a low voice, with a husky and authoritative rasp to it, and a beautiful accent to counter its roughness. The accent sounded familiar, but it wasn’t like the New York accents I had grown accustomed to or the accent I barely heard from back home in the West.

I peeked my eyes open to stare at a defined jaw glittered with stubble. A large, muscular body was wrapped around mine. Before I could really gauge what was going on, the man stood, still holding me like a princess in his arms, and pushed his way through the crowd into the kitchen. He snapped out orders, telling someone to go find Georgia and Daniel. The whole party seemed afraid of him, doing what he said and refusing to come into the kitchen after us.

I was set on the counter top slowly, before the man pulled away and looked at me with warm, chocolate eyes.

“Are you alright, love?” He asked softly. All I could do was nod as my eyes drank in the gorgeous man in front of me. A tight shirt showed off muscular arms and a toned torso. His large frame towered over my own, but his face wasn’t harsh or scary, like I would have imagined. It was defined, but soft and caring. His hands held me on the counter gently, although the cuts on his knuckles told me his hands weren’t always used for caring.

“What happened?” I whispered. He chuckled, but not quite in amusement, mostly in irony.

“You fell from the second floor.”

“No, I remember that part. I mean, how did you get to me so quickly? It was like I was falling one second and then in your arms the next…” I hoped to god that I didn’t sound too stupid in front of this greek god.

“You, erm, fell into my lap, dear. I was just sitting there on the couch, and then you landed right in my arms, literally.” He chuckled again. I blushed a deep crimson in pure embarrassment.

“Sorry.” I muttered out quietly.

“It’s not like you planned it.” He countered. I just shrugged.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I asked, feeling guilty once more at the fact that I just landed on top of a person. I mean, the poor guy was just sitting there, enjoying the party when BAM! I’m there.

“Oh please, I barely felt it.” He waved my concern off as ridiculousness. I rolled my eyes at the understatement, but let it drop. He clearly didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I wouldn’t. I owed him that much.

“Thank you.” I made sure I spoke loud enough so that he’d catch it. Before he could respond, the kitchen doors flung open and my best friend, Georgia, rushed in with her fiancé, Daniel, close on her heels.

“Oh my god! What happened?” She rushed up to me and started yanking at my arms and legs, checking for damage.

“Nothing.” I tried to calm her down, but she seemed frantic.

“NOTHING? You fell from my balcony, you stupid klutz. Oh my god, we have to take you to the emergency room. Let’s go!” Her voice came out high-pitched and rushed, making it almost impossible to understand with her heavy Queens accent.

“Georgia, calm down. Caelynn is obviously doing fine.” Daniel stepped up and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. She visibly relaxed, as though just his touch could calm her. Daniel also had an accent, but it was the opposite of Georgia’s. He spoke slowly, pronouncing every word and syllable perfectly. His accent just screamed class and sophistication, just like my savior’s.

I turned my eyes back to the mysterious man.

“Yeah, Georgia. I’m fine thanks to this man. He caught me, literally.” I nodded towards my hero waiting patiently and silently in the corner of the kitchen. Georgia glanced back at him, but her eyes immediately switched from concern to anger.

“Liam?” She hissed at him, not gratefulness in her voice at all.

“Long time, no see sis.” He winked at her, grinning at how obviously it pissed her off.

“Can you two knock it off just for now so we can make sure Caelynn’s ok?” Daniel sighed impatiently.

“Sure thing, bruv.” Liam chuckled, coming up behind the couple and placing his muscular arms around their shoulders. I saw Georgia flinch at the contact, but Daniel didn’t seem bothered.

“Well, Cae. It seems you’ve already met Daniel’s brother, Liam.” Georgia rolled her eyes as she spoke of her future brother-in-law.

“Ah, so you must be Caelynn, the infamous maid of honor. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Liam smiled warmly at me. I felt heat rise to my cheeks despite my efforts to control my reaction.

“I wish I could say the same about you, but I didn’t even know Daniel had a brother.” My remark made Liam laugh loudly. Now that he was standing side by side to his brother, I could see obvious similarities.

Same nose. Same bone structure. Same build. Same smile.

Although Daniel had dirty blond hair and striking blue eyes, Liam had warm brown eyes and chocolate hair. Even though his coloring was more common, Liam looked more striking and noticeable while Daniel seemed to blend in.

“Yeah, me little bruv here doesn’t like talking ‘bout me much, do ya Dan?” Liam chuckled. Georgia seemed to let Liam get under her skin. I could see anger bubbling in her eyes and her tiny fists clenched.

“Alright enough of you, Liam. Thanks for your help, but Daniel and I can take care of Caelynn now.” She all but threw Liam out the door. Just as he went to wave good-bye to me, the door to the kitchen slammed open, nearly knocking the British boy over.

“Holy shit! Cae, are you alright?” Alex pushed passed Georgia and Daniel to get in my face. I immediately leaned back to tried to distance myself from him.

“Yes- No thanks to you.” I seethed, putting my hands on his chest and pushing him back ever so slightly.

“What the hell, Caelynn? I’m trying to be a good boyfriend here, would you stop pushing me the fuck away?” He snapped, pointing at me with his index finger. I rolled my eyes- I would fall from the second story and he would argue with me about it.

“Well, you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” I reminded him harshly. He narrowed his eyes at me. I watched the familiar way his mouth opened a little, knowing I was in for it. Every time Alex is about to yell his head off, he takes a moment of pause to collect his thoughts and opens his mouth ever so slightly, getting ready.

I braced myself, but the yelling never came. When I looked back up, Liam had lodged himself in between me and Alex, his back facing me as if he was shielding me from my ex-boyfriend.

“Oi mate, maybe you should back outta her face. The girl did just fall from a second story. Maybe this isn’t the best place to deal with this.” Liam suggested calmly, nudging Alex backwards to put more distance between the two of us.

“Who are you to tell me how to treat my girlfriend?” Alex snapped back, obviously embarrassed that Liam got involved.

“She ain’t your girlfriend no more, mate. Besides, if you’re going to yell and curse at her then I suggest you don’t do it in my presence, yeah? That’s something that really pisses me off.” Liam spoke again. His voice sounded calm and assured, but I couldn’t see his face. What I could see were the fists curled at his sides.

“Who’s this asshole?” Alex turned to Georgia and Daniel questioningly. I cringed at the outright insult, but Liam didn’t seem to take notice to it.

“My prick of an older brother.” Daniel groaned. Georgia rolled her eyes at all three of the boys in her kitchen and cursed under her breath.

“Caelynn’s fine, Alex. I think you should go now.” She sighed. The thing about Georgia is, she seems all nice and sweet until you piss her off, then world war three breaks loose. I’m sure Alex kept that in the back of his mind as he mumbled something about stupid British people and left the kitchen.

“I wanted to twat that one round the ‘ead.” Liam shook his head and took a step away from me so he could actually look at me and not the top of my head. I blushed at all the stares I was receiving around the room.

“I’m going to go. Sorry for ruining your party George.” I murmured, jumping off the counter. As soon as my feet his the floor, a wave of nausea hit. I gripped the edge of the counter to steady myself, but Liam quickly grabbed my waist, preventing me from going anywhere. He held me tightly to prevent me from falling over while he sent Daniel a grave glance.

“Why don’t I take you to the hospital, sweetheart?” he asked me softly. I wanted to shake my head, but I was afraid it would make it worse. I saw Georgia mouth the word ‘concussion’ to Daniel, knowing he probably had no idea why Liam was taking care of me.

“No, I’m fine. It’s fine.” I waved him off. He didn’t let me go anywhere, keeping his iron-like grip on me.

“At least let me drive you home.” He insisted. I scrunched up my nose realizing I had no other choice- I drove here with Alex.

“Fine.” I sighed. He smiled innocently as he loosened his grip on my waist and led me out of the kitchen through the back door.

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