25 Ways To Die (Liam Payne Fanfic)

At first, he rescued me.
It was me and him against the world.
When life started to change, it was because of him that I needed rescuing.
But now that he's changed, who's going to rescue me from him?

Caelynn Jacobs was just a normal girl. She moved to New York to get a good job and be with her friends. After constant close death experiences, Caelynn realizes that Liam is always there, ready and willing to save her. The only problem is, when Liam drags her into his world, who's going save her from him?


7. choking on a grape

Chapter 7

4: Choking on a Grape

“Give it to me” Liam commanded, his voice low. He was leaning over me, his thick eyebrows furrowed and his jaw tense.

“Nope.” I replied smugly, holding the desired object behind my back. I kept my body pressed to the couch so it was hidden from his view.

“Caelynn. Give. It. To. Me.” He demanded through clenched teeth. I shook my head with a grin spreading from ear to ear.

“Fight me for it.” I challenged. He narrowed his eyes at me.

“It’s bad enough that you kicked me out of my bedroom and onto the couch, but now you’ve gone and stolen the remote, too?” He huffed angrily, plopping onto the sofa next to me. I nodded my head up and down vigorously and returned my gaze to the Karsashian show I was watching after I stole the remote from Liam and changed the channel.

“You can always wrestle me for it.” I pushed him, knowing it’d piss him off.

“You just wait until the Doc gives you the ok and you don’t ‘ave to be on bloody bed rest any more, Cae. I’ll get my revenge.” He snapped. It delighted me how worked up he got over our quarrel. He obviously didn’t care about me changing the channel as much as he led on. He just didn’t like that he lost.

“What the fuck are you two fighting about now?” Georgia groaned as she and Daniel came in from a jog. The two looked adorable together but it was sickening how matchy-matchy, lovey-dovey the two were.

I mean seriously.

Both Liam and I looked at each other before turning to the couple with our noses wrinkled in disgust.

“She stole the clicker from me.” He complained throwing his head against the couch cushion and banging it a few times.

“Man up, Liam. She’s literally half your size.” Daniel chuckled, his high-class accent highlighting the contrast between that of his brother’s.

“And what, bruv? Wrestle ‘er to the ground? Yeah, I’m sure your bird would like that, wouldn’t she?” Liam rolled his deep brown eyes and let out a defeated sigh.

“You play nice until she’s feeling better,” Georgia warned. Liam held up his hands in surrender and scooted closer to me on the couch.

“Now I’m stuck watchin’ this garbage.” He gestured to the TV which was showing an argument between Khloe and Kourtney. I looked at him through narrowed eyes.

“THIS isn’t garbage. This is reality television. Watching a bunch of men dressed in leotards fucking one another is garbage.” I declared. Liam shook his head at me in disapproval.

“Y’know you talk like a trucker?”

“So I’ve been told…”

“Besides, wrestlin’ is NOT garbage. It’s a very manly and instinctual sport where two men have to-”

“Feel each other up in skin tight clothes? Gay porn.” I scoffed, knowing damn well that I was only arguing to get a reaction out of him. The funny thing about Liam is that he has something against yelling or cursing at women. And now that I was on ‘bed rest’ he had less room to argue with me than usual.

It was fun to push his buttons.

“Y’know that if you weren’t on strict orders not to roughhouse then I’d ‘ave you over my knee, right?” He shot back, not even looking at me.

“You’re a big talker.”

“I thought havin’ you in the house would be a blast but you’ve just proven to be a nuisance.”

“Oh stop, you’re too kind.”

“Alright, enough the both of you. I’ll separate you two if I have to.” Daniel threatened.

“Is me little brother scoldin’ me? Why, I never thought I’d see the day!” Liam chuckled, looking up at his younger brother.

“Liam, how old are you?” I asked suddenly, tilting my head to the side in curiosity. He turned to look at me.


“How old are you? I know Georgia and Daniel are my age, but how old are you?” I really wanted to know. From what I’ve heard, Liam took care of Daniel when they grew up. So does that mean Liam was significantly older?

“Twenty-six, love. Why are you askin’? Interested in older men or somethin’?” He teased me bumping me gently with his shoulder.

“I just wanted to know if it’s appropriate to your age considering your childish behavior, that’s all.” I shrugged. It was an innocent enough question, so I tried to play it off. Wow, Liam’s five years older than me. He doesn’t act like it at all. He doesn’t look it at all either. I guess when he lets his stubble grow out he gets this aura of maturity, but he always ruins it by saying something stupid.

“Nah, you just want a sugar daddy.” Like that. He always ruins it by saying something stupid like that.

Georgia, Daniel and I were all on the same boat. We were all from different places, Daniel from London, me from the Northwest and Georgia from Kentucky. We all came to New York for a cheap college program. And we all finished early and got jobs. Three amigos.

Except I’m a third wheel and proud.

Wait, my life is actually a joke…

“Shut up, stupid Brit-Wit.” I snarled. He laughed loudly and wrapped a thick, muscular arm around my frail shoulders. Still laughing, Liam pulled me into his side.

“That the best you got, babe?” Liam smirked. I hit his chest, but he caught my hand and cradled it against chest. I squirmed away from him, but was really only able to move mere inches.

“Plan B is to punch you in the nutsack.” I muttered.

“Oh my god! What’s with you and the language? Seriously, you talk like you’re a 40 year old man, not a beautiful lady.” He scolded me.

Two hours later, Liam and I were home alone again. Georgia dragged her fiancé to a cake tasting session, though I was pretty sure he was excited for this one. Daniel is a man who loves his cake.

Liam was sprawled out on the couch, his supras lying on the floor next to him and his sock-clad feet resting on top of the couch back. One arm hung limply at his side and the other held the cherished item, the remote, on his chest while he flicked through channels. I sat in a recliner, drumming my fingers on the furniture out of boredom.

“Pick a fucking TV show already!” I snapped at him. Without looking away from the television, Liam waved me off dismissively.

“Language.” He reminded me. I let out a frustrated groan and stood up. I began to waltz out of the living room, but Liam stopped me.

“Oi! Where you off to?” He called. I looked back to see his head peering at me from over the back of the couch. His chin resting on the cushion and his eyebrows raised questioningly.

“To shower.”

“Want me to join you?” A seductive smile graced his lips, setting my heart in overdrive. Why can’t he go flirt with some other girl? How come the most gorgeous boy in the world was so intent on teasing me? The sexy accent didn’t help much either.

“Keep it in your pants, Payne.”

“Not like that, sheesh. Get your mind outta the gutter,” he smirked playfully, sitting up a little more, “I was just wonderin’ if you wanted me to come so I can make sure you don’t fall again. You DO have a habit of doin’ that, love.”

I didn’t even look back at him as I raised my middle finger and wandered to the bathroom.

His soft lips parted against my own. I felt his hands grip my ass and cradle me against his naked torso. My hands wandered through his short hair and grabbed fistfuls. I felt his stubble against my skin as I let my lips wander down his jawline. His hands traveled up my back and swiftly unclasped my bra.

I was already wet. I could feel it between my thighs.

He flipped us over so that he was on top, taking control. He teeth grazed my ear while his hands felt up every part of my body, rubbing my abdomen, squeezing my breasts, pinching my ass, stroking my upper thighs…

I let out a gasp when his mouth was suddenly on my nipple. My back arched my body into him as a wave of pleasure coursed through me.

“Say my name.” He ordered.

“Liam,” my hands hooked onto his shoulders as he rubbed his fingers along my panty line. He smirked at me.


“Liam.” I moaned again. My breath caught when his fingers slipped into my nether regions and began rubbing sensually.

“Shit.” I cursed out at the feeling of bliss.

“Language!” Liam scolded, his mouth against my skin as his hand swatted the side of my ass sharply. I let out a small gasp. His other hand continued to rub into my clit, making me moan and gasp in pleasure.

“Say my name.”

“Liam!” I shouted his name.

“Louder.” He commanded again, his muscular torso trapping me to the bed.


“yeah?” I blinked my eyes a few times and focused in on Liam, who was on top of me in my bed. Except we both had clothes on… His lips were set in a smirk and his eyes were looking at my knowingly. I let out a disgusted grunt and shoved him off of me.

“Why are you in my bed?” I snapped at him as I settled back under the covers.

“Well, you were takin’ a nap and I came in to ask if you wanted somethin’ to eat ‘cause I made me some lunch.” He began, settling in next to me.

“And how does that explain what you were doing on top of me when I woke up?” He chuckled in delight at my question. I pretended like I wasn’t having a heart attack over the fact that Liam was on top of me just like he had been in my dream.

“Well you see, babe. I was in ‘ere, bein’ a good person and all, ready to ask if you wanted me to make you lunch, when all of a sudden you said my name.” His smirk grew and I felt my cheeks heat up under his demeaning gaze.

“I thought you were yellin’ at me for comin’ in ‘ere, but then I realized that you were still asleep. And you were dreamin’ about me. And then you started to gasp and pant like a dog and you screamed me name louder.” I had to look away from him because I was afraid that tears of embarrassment would escape my eyes.

“What was your dream about, Cae?” He pressed. I got off the bed and stormed out of the guest room.

“Fuck you!”

“OH! That’s what it was about?” Liam called back as he followed me into the kitchen. My face went even redder, if that was possible. I leaned against the corner of the counter for support as I watched him approach me. He restricted me against the counter, his arms trapping me to him.

“Will you tell me what your dream was about, or are ya gonna keep me guessin’?” He asked me, pressing our chests together. His large frame bent down around me so that he could press his lips to my forehead.

“Scumbag.” I felt him smile against my skin.

“Was it about this?” He asked me. He smiled down at me before moving his lips to my jawline. I froze under his touch, completely shocked he was getting this physical with me. My mind started to buzz. I felt a pool of warmth in my stomach. I could feel little butterflies erupt within me.

“Or this?” His lips trailed down my jawline, but stopped right below my lips. I felt him smile again, before his lips pressed to mine. I was stuck in one position, my body going in to complete shock.

“Or this?” He asked again. He slithered his tongue between my lips, opening my mouth almost too easily. I felt his gentle hands caress my body gently, traveling up and down my back and over my bum.

Was that a dream, too? Because I would be mad disappointed if it was.

His arm wrapped around my waist and tugged me flush against his body. With trembling hands, I dared myself to run my fingers through his hair. Damn, this was most definitely a dream…

“Or this?” His lips attached themselves to a sweet spot on my neck and began suckling. Gripping onto his hair tightly, I allowed myself to melt under his control. My tense muscles relaxed and my head rolled back. I felt a moan escape my lips.

Shit, I should’ve pinched myself to make sure that was real.

Never mind. Liam’s hand groped my ass and I felt his fingers pinch my ass. No, I felt the sharp pain mixed with the roll of pleasure, so it wasn’t a dream…

Wait, was this actually happening?

His hands moved to the front of my body and rubbed over my sensitive spot. The only thing that separated my vagina from his hand was my clothing.

“What was your dream about?” He whispered against the corner of my mouth. I shook my head, not being able to find the words to come to my lips.

And then all too soon, he pulled away. I felt my body scream out at the sudden lack of contact. I needed him.

“Why don’t you tell me what your dream was about, love?” He asked me with that stupid smirk still on his beautiful face. I sensed the underlying threat in his words; he wouldn’t continue until I told him about my dirty dream.

Not happening.

I would be able to calm my horniness down eventually, but to avoid my mouth from betraying my mind by speaking up, I reached around Liam and grabbed a grape from the fruit bowl on the counter. I popped the fruit in my mouth and met his chocolate brown eyes.

Liam seemed surprised that I didn’t instantly give into him. Damn straight. I guess rejection wasn’t something he experienced often.

“Two can play at that game,” he growled lowly. I felt the tingling sensation in my panties increase at his raspy voice.


And then my mind was suddenly distracted from Liam’s intense and mesmerizing gaze. I grabbed my neck with my hands and tried to massage it. Nothing would pass through my airway. I accidentally swallowed the grape, but it was only halfway down my throat.

The damned fruit was preventing me from breathing. I was fucking choking on a grape. My life’s actually a joke.

Liam watched me choke and sputter for air in confusion for a few moments before his eyes widened and it clicked. Immediately turned me around and locked his hands in front of my abdomen. With a strong thrust, Liam smashed my body against his, my bum rubbing against his crotch, as the grape flew from my mouth.

“Jesus Christ, Caelynn.” Liam cursed, turning me around and pressing me to his chest. I started to cough, my body desperate to get any air into my system. Liam led me to the living room and forced me down on the couch.

“Shh, relax. Just calm down, you’ll be ok.” He murmured, pressing his lips to my forehead. Except, unlike before, it wasn’t lust filled or taunting. He was being comforting and gentle.

“Please stop bein’ so clumsy,” he tried to crack a smile and make a joke, “savin’ your lovely ass is becomin’ a fulltime job.”

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