Be With Me and Marry Me

"Marry me, Emma." Liam said to me. "Oh Liam, I would-" I was cut of in my sentence when my brother, Harry Styles, runs in to stop me. "Emma stop! I know who really loves you and not for your money." I looked at my brother. "Who?" I asked Harry. "Niall James Horan truly loves you. He just hasn't found a way to tell you because he respects you being with Liam. Obviously I don't respect it very much. If you truly love him back, you will run and follow me to him." I looked at Liam. Find out what happens to One Direction and Emma Styles.


1. Me+Liam= Not happy Harry

"Wake up already, Emma!" Harry said waking me up. Yes, Harold Edward Styles...(better known as Harry) is my brother. "I'm coming, Harry. I will meet you downstairs in the living room." He ran downstairs and made toast for me so I could eat it on the way to work. I got dressed and did my hair in a messy bun. I ran downstairs, grabbed my toast, threw my backpack on my shoulders, and ran out the door to Harry's car.


"Its about time you got ready for work." Harry said to me and I just ate my toast.  I didn't want to go to the bakery today, I was just tired this week. We pulled up behind the bakery and walked into the back doors. Me and Harry clocked in and threw on our aprons. "Good morning, Harry and Emma. Its about time you got here. Chocolate muffin day, you know that's huge. On Fridays at the bakery, we always have "Chocolate Muffin Day".


Its fun making stuff at the bakery, freestyle. It was about 8:30 and Liam walked in. "Emmy, get me the usual my love." Liam said. "Coming right up." I said and Harry glared at him for a second. "Here is you latte and you Friday Chocolate Muffin." I said to Liam. "Love you, see you tonight, right?" He asked me and I nodded. "Have a good day. You too, Harry." Liam said and my brother just mumbled something under his breath and rolled his eyes.


Liam left the bakery and I looked at my brother with a annoyed face and my arms crossed. "Why have you always hated Liam?" I asked him. "I don't trust him with you heart." I rolled my eyes at Harry. "Its true, Emma. I singed with him for those years. During the X-Factor, he secretly told us boys that he liked a girl who has spice, and you don't have spice." Harry said and I just glared at him for the longest time.


I kept working on my muffins while he organized the selections. "I don't believe you, Harry. Liam is my personal type, not yours." I said. "Oh please, you say a guy winking at you is love or true love." He said and I slapped his arm. "You had Taylor Swift as a girlfriend. She went from Country to Pop, I don't know anyone else who would want to do that." Harry laughed. "You don't like Taylor because she is not your type." He laughed some more. "Okay, you keep telling yourself that you jerk." The rest of the day went by really fast.


Me and Harry got our task done really quickly and no arguments. That is so weird because we are slow at our jobs sometimes because we are always arguing about stuff. He said something in French that I didn't understand. "Translate please." I said mumbling. "You boyfriend is a pathetic jerk and moron." Harry said. Another argument. It seems like there is a equation to this, Me+Liam=NOT HAPPY HARRY.

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