Be With Me and Marry Me

"Marry me, Emma." Liam said to me. "Oh Liam, I would-" I was cut of in my sentence when my brother, Harry Styles, runs in to stop me. "Emma stop! I know who really loves you and not for your money." I looked at my brother. "Who?" I asked Harry. "Niall James Horan truly loves you. He just hasn't found a way to tell you because he respects you being with Liam. Obviously I don't respect it very much. If you truly love him back, you will run and follow me to him." I looked at Liam. Find out what happens to One Direction and Emma Styles.


3. Hey....Awkward

I threw on some jeans and a shirt and threw on one of Liam's sweat jackets and I felt warm. I was going to hang out with him for a little bit. "Bye, Harry." I said and Liam was downstairs in the living room. I got in Liam's car and we rode to get something to eat. "Hey, Niall asked us if we wanted to come to his place and watch a movie with him and Amber. Do you want to go?" Liam asked me. "Sure." I when the boys were a band, I kind of had a crush on Niall, but I am over it now.


We pulled up to Niall's place and Amber's car was there. Amber is Niall's girlfriend, I guess you could have figured that already. We got out of the car and we walked hand in hand to the door. I haven't seen Niall since the band broke apart, 2 years ago. The door opened and Amber was standing there. "Emma!" She said and she charged straight at me to hug me. "Hey Amber!" I said hugging her back. Niall appeared in the doorway. "Hey Liam." Niall and Amber both said to him. "Long time no see, Emma." Niall said to me and I smiled. I forgot how much I missed him.


We walked in and sat on the sofa. "Nice place, Amber." I said and Niall went into the kitchen. While Liam and Amber caught up on some things, I went to follow Niall. "How's it going, Emma?" He said as he fixed the popcorn. "Great. What about you?" I said to him. "Perfectly great. How's your brother?" Niall asked me. Niall and Harry haven't seen each other in a while. Niall is focused on collage these days. So then that leaves me and Harry up to working in the bakery. "He is doing good. Still working in the bakery with me. Typical Harry." I said and he turned around to look at me.


"Have Harry and Liam become friends again?" Niall asked me. I looked at him. We both started laughing so hard. "I have missed laughing with you, Emmy." Niall said. That was his nickname for me when the band was still around. "Niall?" I looked up and he nodded. "Yes?" He answered back. "Do you ever miss being in One Direction? The boys, fans, teenage days?" I asked him and he smiled at the memories. "Every single day I think about they boys, fans and those funny memories of being a teenager. I would give anything to go back to those days, Emma. Anything." Niall said to me. I smiled at him.


"Even though I wasn't in the band, you guys were like my brothers. I haven't seen Louis or Zayn in forever. We were a family. Their sisters were like my own sisters. I miss those days and I think about them everyday. Even-" I stopped talking when Amber walked in. "Is the popcorn ready, Nialler? Let's watch Toy Story tonight!" She exclaimed. "So what were you guys talking about?" She asked me and Niall once we sat down. "The good ole times." He said.


When I sat down it went like this on the couch:


That's how the seating arrangement went. Niall sat so close to me, it was a little awkward with Amber and Liam on the both sides of us. "I love this movie." Liam said and me and Niall looked at each other and gave a secret smile. Do I still like Niall? Oh, this was going to be awkward with Liam, Niall, me, and Amber.

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