Be With Me and Marry Me

"Marry me, Emma." Liam said to me. "Oh Liam, I would-" I was cut of in my sentence when my brother, Harry Styles, runs in to stop me. "Emma stop! I know who really loves you and not for your money." I looked at my brother. "Who?" I asked Harry. "Niall James Horan truly loves you. He just hasn't found a way to tell you because he respects you being with Liam. Obviously I don't respect it very much. If you truly love him back, you will run and follow me to him." I looked at Liam. Find out what happens to One Direction and Emma Styles.


2. Harry, its different

I threw my bag onto the couch. "Harold Edward Styles, what do you know about love?" I asked him. "A lot more than you." He said. When we were little, we were best friends. Ever since One Direction came to be, we can barely sit at the same dinner table. "Shut up, Harry." I said and I ran upstairs. "You don't know what kindness is, neither does Liam. Oh wait, that make you two perfect for each other. Ya, that's what you call love." Harry said and I closed my door in his face and locked it. "Shut up fur ball." I said and he banged on my door.


"Leave me alone, Harry!" I yelled through the door. I ran to my bed and pulled my blankets over my head as I sat in the corner. "Don't talk to me until you know what real love is." He said and he left. I heard his bedroom door slam. It started to rain outside and I looked out my window. I let Harry's words sink in, they cant be true. Taylor and Harry had their love that was just like everyone else's in the world.


Mine and Liam's love, it's different. I thought about it for a second and a huge grin came upon my face. That's it! Prepared to be amazed, Harry. I am going to tell him what real love is right now! "Harry! I know what real love is!!!" I shouted through his door.


-Harry's Perspective-

 I heard her footsteps come across the hall. "Harry, I know what real love is!" She shouted through the door. I groaned and swung my door open really fast. "Only someone like you would come back to me that fast to know about love." I said and she rolled her eyes. "You and Taylor, you had the kind of love that everyone else has when they have that special person. You and the boys have loved the fans, forever. Me and Liam have our own type of love." I looked at her blankly for a minute.


"A type of love that doesn't exists." I said and she looked speechless. "Its our own different love, Harry. Its not what you call romance, but its what I think of it as, different romance." She smiled and trotted off. I looked down the hallway watching my sister skip. Oh my god, I swear she has lost it. SHE IS MAKING NO SENSE!!!!!

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