Saving Kuroko

A Kuroko No Basuke, or Kuroko's basket Ball fanfiction.

The trouble begins when Kagami notices Kuroko turning down food, not turning up to basket ball practice and even skipping out on outings with Kagami and Tetsuya #2. Can he save Kuroko before it's too late?

Fem- Kuroko, trigger warning, contains self harm, rape, sex, bad eating habits, angst and copious amounts of fluff! Rated RED 16 for a reason!



AUTHORS NOTE: I forgot to add in my note last chapter that this was a two part chapter, again. The only reason for this is because I don't want to fit too many events into one chapter.

I've decided I'm going to upload a little more often, because I'm getting more hits, and you guys seem to be enjoying this story.

However, I start back at school this Tuesday, so I may be slowed down a little with chapters; I'm not sure. So if you don't get a new chapter by next Sunday, I'm not dead, or abandoning this story, I'll just be busy with work -.- just a couple more assignments and I won't have to worry about any more written work until next year.

Anyway, there shouldn't be too much triggers in this chapter, however, our dearest Taiga gets a big tail yank from his darling Tetsu, and demands an explanation for her self inflicted scars. Oh my.

So as usual, I'm putting a warning up THAT THIS MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS IF YOU CANT HANDLE, DONT READ. Also, meanwhile there is no actual sex or rape in this chapter, I'm putting out there, that it will get rough. Stick with me though.

I do not own any characters from KnB.


CHAPTER 8: Nightmares, and Tigers.

After he and Kuroko had finished House Of Wax, Kagami got up to cook them bacon and chicken fried rice, for tea, and as he delved into his freezer for the apple pie he had gotten in the shopping a few weeks ago, he felt a familiar presence appear near his side, and his hair stood on end.

"Oi, can't you give a little warning next time you appear out of nowhere?" He said as he rubs the back of his head after bashing it on the top of the freezer.

"Sorry Kagami-Kun." Kuroko says with a yawn, "would you like any help in here?"

Kagami shook his head as he prepared the oven and slid the apple pie in to cook.

"Nope, just going to dish up now."

A steaming plate of food sat in front of Kuroko, and her stomach rumbled appreciatively at the sight of his cooking.

"Itatakimasu" they chanted together, and they tucked in, and watched the openings of paranormal activity.

By the time the scariest parts had come in, Kuroko was huddled under a blanket, and all you could see if you looked at her directly, was a pair of terrified blue eyes.

Without warning, the buzzer on the oven went off, causing Kuroko to scream and scramble under the couch.

Kagami crawled to the kitchen, helpless with laughter, and tears running down his face. From his kitchen he could see her shaking like a leaf in the wind under the couch, flattened like a mouse hiding from a cat.

"Shut up Bakami, nothing scares you!"

He dished up the apple pie, and rolled some vanilla ice cream to serve with it. He carried the food over to the coffee table in front of his TV, and pulled Kuroko from under the couch and gave her a hug, feeling her shaking still.

They are the ice cream and pie in silence, and as the ending rolled around, he wondered absent mindedly which ending they would get.

Thankfully it wasn't the one where the guy got hurled at the camera, but the one where she slices her throat open.

With wide eyes, Kuroko dropped her spoon in her now empty bowl.

"That's HORRIBLE!" She exclaimed.

"I'm sorry Tetsu." He said sincerely, noting the glistening of tears in her eyes as he pulled her into a hug. Kissing the top of her head softly he asks "how about we set up the fold out couch, and we put on wreck it Ralph. That way if you fall asleep, you'll be okay here, and I won't have to move you."

She glanced at him, surprised. "I was going to ask if you minded Nigou and I crashing here. Mums-"

"Working all weekend, I know. I saw the note. I know how you don't like sleeping in an empty house."

She smiled at him in thanks.

"Oh, wait, I don't have any pyjamas."

"You can borrow a shirt and some sweats off me."

They made the make shift bed together, and he sends her off to his room to get changed, while he did the dishes.

He hummed tunelessly as he left a plate of dog kibble on the ground alongside a bowl of water for Nigou. Kuroko staying over was such a usual occurrence that the blasted dog had his own crockery here.

He shrugged as he went off to the bathroom.


I looked doubtfully at the clothes Kagami had left on his bed for me.

He had said they were too small for him.

Pulling on the shirt, it came down past my knees, and the track pants, no matter how tightly I attempted to tie them, wouldn't stay up.

Sticking my head out of his door, I called out. "Kagami, do you have smaller pants?"

"No, sorry Kuroko!" He called out from the bathroom.

I sighed. I left the sweat pants on his bed, and padded quietly back to the couch, and covered myself before he could come out.

I hoped he wouldn't see.

It would be better for us both if he didn't know.

Settling in, I curled into his side as we watched the movie.

I felt him laughing as I fell asleep, exhaustion took over.


I couldn't see where I was. There was a thickness in the air, and the more I looked for a light, any sign of a way out of this suffocating darkness, it got harder to breathe.

It was like being lost in a fog, that smelled of blood, and settled in your lungs like a fluid, and all you could see was darkness. I couldn't see my own nose.

But I could hear.

I hear muffled words, a low threatening voice.

"Or else" it whispered, but it was so deafening it felt like it was yelled right into my ear.

I began to struggle in this strange fog, I couldn't breathe, I needed air. I was trying to scream, but no sound escaped my lips.

I froze as those horrible hetro chromatic eyes vaporised in front of me, along with searing pain in my vains.

I screamed harder, thrashed more.


I screamed more, a light dimly appeared.

"Tetsuya, wake up, it's just a dream!"

Suddenly I could hear my screams, and I was able to breathe, and the hetro chromatic eyes disappeared only to be replaced by Kagami's wide matching crimson orbs.

Sobbing I fell back into the pillow.

A breeze against my thighs jolted my thoughts to the present, and a sharp intake of breath from Kagami told me there was no use in covering them.

He held my face gently, and looked into my eyes, fearful, like even the wrong look would break me.

He wasn't wrong in doing that.

He didn't need to ask why.

I told him.

I told him everything.

From the beginning, when Akashi would stalk me, and Murasakibara would leave bruises on my body where no one would see.

Everything stemmed back from middle school.

Everything pointed in the direction of Akashi's sick desire for full control of everyone in his life.

I allowed myself to sob uncontrollably and hysterically into Kagami's chest, as he rubbed soothing patterns into my back.

Once my sobs had dissipated into hiccups, he took my hands and kissed them.

"He won't touch you again Tetsuya."

And with this promise, he slid down, and kissed my cuts gently. Then he came back up, and cradled my head in his hands, and lent in, nuzzling my nose asking for permission to kiss me. I moved the rest of the way, allowing for a bittersweet kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss he looked me in the eyes.

"No more."

"No more" I agreed.

"You'll hate me for this, but we are going to tell your mother. Then we are going to tell Riko, and then we are going to report these assholes." His eyes seemed to glow like embers, and his voice barely contained his rage. "We are going to do that tomorrow. I'll get Riko to meet us at the hospital when we go to tell your mother. I don't care if she is working, I couldn't care less if the prime minister of japan is in her er, she needs to know."

He kissed my forehead tenderly, and his final words on the subject were "I will be with you, every step of the way Tetsu. I won't let this happen again."

I nodded numbly, as I felt sleep take over my body again.

I felt him fold me up in his arms, secure against his chest.

I was safe here.



Okay, so maybe that was a little rushed? I don't know. I'm writing this at 4 am in the morning and I'm barely able to type my fingers are so stuff from the cold, and I'm so tired from not sleeping that I keep hitting the wrong buttons.

Please remember that this is unbeta'ed and if it has mistakes or oddities, please don't flame me :)

I'm going to try and sleep now.

I'm not really proud of this chapter guys, I'm so sorry.

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