Saving Kuroko

A Kuroko No Basuke, or Kuroko's basket Ball fanfiction.

The trouble begins when Kagami notices Kuroko turning down food, not turning up to basket ball practice and even skipping out on outings with Kagami and Tetsuya #2. Can he save Kuroko before it's too late?

Fem- Kuroko, trigger warning, contains self harm, rape, sex, bad eating habits, angst and copious amounts of fluff! Rated RED 16 for a reason!


5. CHAPTER 5: An Interesting Day Part 1.

CHAPTER 5: An Interesting day part 1.

It was the day before Seirins first game of the season. There seemed to be an electrical aura about the school as Kagami walked with Kuroko through the gates, supporters nodded respectfully towards the aces, a silent bid of good luck.

Noticing Kuroko's sudden in ease at all the attention directed towards her, Kagami reached for her hand, and held it tightly.

"No going invisible on me now sweet heart."

She arched a somewhat cynical eyebrow at the pet name, earning a booming laugh from Kagami.

"What, you don't like being called sweet heart?"

"No." She said "I'd rather hear you say my first name instead."

A cute soft rosy blush bloomed across her pale cheeks, and Kagami was thrown into a sudden flash back of last night, after kissing her. He inwardly winced at the butterflies dancing around in his stomach, and fearful of an outburst of romantic vomit, he blurts out, "must you say such embarrassing things!".

Thankfully she didn't react badly to that, and just squeezed his hand anyway. Outside one of the vending machines near their first class, he buys them both a vanilla cola, and they take their usual seats at the back of the class.

Regretfully she let go of his hand, as their desks were separated and public displays of affection would be frowned upon in the classroom, even if they were the school basket ball aces, there was only so much their VIP status would get them.

As people began to slowly trickle into the classroom, Kuroko began to fade into the noise of other students, and Kagami observed a single earphone tucked into her ear. She sat silently, chewing her pencil absent mindedly, a finger tapping against her bottle slowly.

Suddenly his attention was diverted as a loud bang erupted in front of him, and there stood Riko, looking like a pissed off seagull: both a comical look, and also fear inducing. Kagami cringed back quickly, knowing just how strong she actually is.

"R-Riko -San? Can I help you?"

"Cut the crap Kagami, I've heard the whispers. I need a word with you, right now"

She turned away from his desk, stomping out the door.

"NOW!" She yelled from the corridor.

Gulping, he stood, and walked toward the smouldering Riko.


I glanced up from my desk, to see a cowering Kagami walking towards a very angry looking Riko.

I watched as she cuffed him over the ear, and I could make out the word Baka. Then suddenly her mood shifted, and a smile broke out on her face, almost creepily. Poor Kagami backed away slowly, and re-entered the classroom, a sheepish look on his face.

I looked at him questioningly, and as the teacher walked in, he mumbled "later."



Three hours later and we were out in the sunshine, lying on the grass, enjoying our lunch and cold drinks, when I asked about the subject again.

"Oh" he said, "she had heard rumors that we had shared a very closer than usual dinner at a burger joint last night, and that I had walked you home. Then she also saw us holding hands, so she wanted to congratulate us."

I arched an eyebrow, knowing there was more.

"She also said that if I ever hurt you, she would neuter me, in front of the school, and preserve my balls in a jar, to serve as a warning to anyone who breaks any of her team members hearts."

I snorted softly with laughter.

"That's all?"

The look on Kagami's face was priceless. And with that I lent in and gave him a quick soft kiss.

"You won't hurt me Kagami, I know you won't."



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