Saving Kuroko

A Kuroko No Basuke, or Kuroko's basket Ball fanfiction.

The trouble begins when Kagami notices Kuroko turning down food, not turning up to basket ball practice and even skipping out on outings with Kagami and Tetsuya #2. Can he save Kuroko before it's too late?

Fem- Kuroko, trigger warning, contains self harm, rape, sex, bad eating habits, angst and copious amounts of fluff! Rated RED 16 for a reason!


10. CHAPTER 10: A Game and A Change.

AUTHORS NOTE: I apologise for the last chapter. It felt right to write from Kagami's perspective. Writing it from Kuroko's would have been far more overwhelming and possibly triggering for me, so trying to avoid that, Kagami took over.

Hopefully this next chapter will have some fluff and cuteness. I also thought I'd bring in a couple of old friends n.n

DISCLAIMER: I'm sadly not Kuroko, and nor am I in a relationship with Kagami. Though sometimes when I look at my boyfriend I wonder if he has a little Taiga in him...

CHAPTER 10: A game, and Change.

Blowing warm air into my already cold hands I walked to Kagami's house, on my way to pick him up for Christmas shopping. Yawning as I went to knock on his door, it opened and there he stood, in a pair of dark jeans and a navy blue hoodie. He didn't seem to notice the cold has he stepped out and locked the door.

He lent down slightly and kissed the top of my head affectionately.
"Good morning my Tetsu."

Cue the explosion of butterflies. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as he took my hand and walked us back down the path.

"Good morning Taiga." I greeted quietly, unsure of how to react. I was shy about using his first name, after nearly a full two years of calling him by his last. It wasn't that it felt wrong, it was. Perfect.
But it also felt like it should be reserved for the really intimate moments between us.

Mentally I sighed and squeezed his hand tightly.

"So where to first?" He asked.

"Mmm... Let's try the mall. Let's mall crawl until we find something."

By the time we had gone through three stores, we had all we needed, and more, including a new winter coat for Nigou ("he's a dog Tetsu, he has fur!" He protested.) I was heading out of the pet store when I spotted a familiar halo of golden hair. Seconds later I was being swept into the air by someone talk and lanky.

"Kurokochi! How are you!" Kise yelled excitedly.

"Ne, keep it down Kise-Kun. People are staring. You don't want to attract more hordes of fans, we barely escaped alive last time." A lower lazy voice came from behind the blonde. Aomine.

"I'm fine Kise-Kun. How are you both?" I said as I thumped Kise over the head to put me down. When my feet finally touched the ground, Kagami took my hand immediately.

One pair of cobalt blue eyes narrowed, a single eyebrow quirked, where a certain blonde spouted a loud exclamation of shock and excitement.

"Kurokochi, about time! How long!? Aw you guys are so cu-"

A tan hand clasped itself over the blondes mouth.
"Congratulations, to the both of you. It's about time. It was getting awkward watching you two practically rip each other's clothes off with your eyes across the courts."

"Always polite aren't we Aomine-Kun?" Kagami said, tones of amusement and warning were present.

I took a look between Kise and Aomine, and calculated quickly.

"How about you two go hang out, maybe go play a few rounds of ball?" I suggested.

The boys nodded at each other agreeing.
No stoping that competitive streak.

With a look over his shoulder, our wordless communication, Kagami asked if I would be okay. I nodded. Kise would keep me company.

Turning to the buzzing blonde, who's eyes were still following the other navy haired teen.

I smirked. Time to play Cupid.

"I was thinking of getting a make over Kise-Kun." I said, "take me to the best salon in town."

A smile worthy of bright sunlight broke on the teens face. Taking my hand he pulled me towards a purple and blue themed salon, where we were immediately whisked away to our own mirrors to be fussed over.

"So, Kise, how long have you been going for a certain tan person?" I asked casually.

Watching him blush brightly, the red making him look like he was a flame, I smiled slightly.

"H-how did you know Kurokochi?"

I gave him a look that said seriously?

"A while I guess. Maybe since middle school?"

"Didn't a basketball bean you over the head when you first saw him?"

He nodded still blushing.

"Do you want to become more  than friends with him Kise?"

"More than anything" he replied instantly.

"Here's the plan then," I said with a smile.

The sun had begun to set as Aomine and I continued to play. Sweat poured off our skin, and we had stripped down to our singlets.
More than once I had found myself annoyed that I had worn looser, lighter pants than jeans.

It was a friendly game, and though we were highly competitive, our rivalry was less now that he had woken up to the world.

I considered him to be a good friend.

He was after all, Kuroko's friend first, and her judgement of some people were spot on.

Sitting down on the asphalt, breathing heavily, I reached for the drink bottle I had bought from a vender and drank deeply.

"What's the matter Taiga, running out of fight?" Aomine teased.

I grunted, "I'm worried about Tetsu. I'm thinking about going and getting her."

"You worry too much, Kise will get her back to you safetly."

I glanced at him, and saw nothing but honesty. Still it did nothing to ease the tension in my spine.
"Tetsu-chan told me what has happened. Kise also knows. Nothing is going to happen to her." He took a long swig from his bottle. "Kise may seem like an airhead, but Tetsuya is like his little sister. Anyone who tries to hurt her will end up worse off."

I grunted again, and wiped off my cooled sweat with my shirt before pulling on my hoodie. The air had a cold bite to it, and the last thing I needed was to catch a cold.

"Look, there they are..." Aomine made a noise of surprise, "oh Kagami, get a look at how she looks now."

I turned, and saw the golden haired model walking beside a very familiar dark blue haired girl.
It clicked.
Tetsu had her hair done.

It was a dark blue, maybe a shade lighter than the cobalt blue of Aomine's eyes, and the ends were left her natural blue. It was originally just all one length, suitable for heaving up into a ponytail for practicality, was now falling in layers, feathering around her face.The change in colour had a startling effect on her skin and eyes. Her already fair skin was paler than snow, and seemed to glow like the moon. Her eyes seemed both slightly darker, while being brighter at the same time. Her lips were a dark rose colour, and I knew that just by looking at them, that there was only lip balm on them. She was beyond beauty.

"Remember what I said Kise-Kun."
She said as she took my hand. I shivered involuntarily, and felt the butterflies hit my stomach again.

I watched her bid farewell to the pair, and we were on our way home.

Outside her house, I held her waist gently, and looked into her eyes tenderly.

"You can come in if you want Taiga." She whispered.

I shook my head. I had things to do at home anyway. Slowly, I lent down and kissed her. Moth softly, moving carefully so I didn't startle her.

She kissed back, pressing her lips to mine, her arms winding around my neck.

We broke apart slowly, not wanting to shatter the moment.

"Goodnight Tetsuya Kuroko." I said as she opened her door.

Her words were faint, and I wasn't sure if I heard right. I could have sworn I heard her say that it would sound better if it was Tetsuya Kagami.

Passing it off as. Figment of my imagination, I left for home, thinking of things to get her for Christmas.

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