Saving Kuroko

A Kuroko No Basuke, or Kuroko's basket Ball fanfiction.

The trouble begins when Kagami notices Kuroko turning down food, not turning up to basket ball practice and even skipping out on outings with Kagami and Tetsuya #2. Can he save Kuroko before it's too late?

Fem- Kuroko, trigger warning, contains self harm, rape, sex, bad eating habits, angst and copious amounts of fluff! Rated RED 16 for a reason!


1. CHAPTER 1: In The End.


So I thought I would start with a single chapter to see how this goes.... Welcome to what could be the worst fanfiction you will ever read, for Kuroko No Basuke... I appologise for any confusions and mix ups I may cause due to the fact that my story line is going to be different from the actual story line from the manga/anime universe. I'll begin with the most obvious changes: FEM-Kuroko, any pairings between the actual characters themselves, and the ones from my mind. I'm also basing this on my mental state, whatever it may be, at the time that I write, so it will most likely be triggering thought patterns, angst, fluff, may include sex, rape and self harm.

Right, now that is all out if the way, shall I begin?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters, nor am I Kuroko, sadly enough. However I do own this storyline that my mind shall invent, and that is all.

CHAPTER 1: In the end.

I sighed and pulled my light blue hair off my shoulders, and into a messy ponytail, before casting my eyes on my worn basket ball, sitting in the corner of my room beside my bed. Beside, a playful #2 wags his cloud soft tail at me, nudging the ball with his small black nose, a small bark escaping his muzzle.

"Not today boy," I say "maybe tomorrow."

A disappointed snort and an unapproving gaze met my eyes, as he sat down and looked at me. I held his gaze for a moment, and as the hair on the back of my neck began to rise, I broke it. It was like looking directly into a mirror. A saner Tetsuya would also dissaprove.

Sighing again, I pick up my school bag, and ensure that my completed homework was inside it, before leaving my room, and coming soundlessly down the stairs. On my way past the kitchen I grabbed a small apple and my bottle of peach tea from the fridge, bid a quick farewell to #2 and left the house, pocketing my house key, and locking the door behind me.

Another sigh escaped my lips. I should have given myself a little more time to mentally prepare myself today. It was always hard forcing myself to go to school on a Monday. I plugged in my earphones, and started on my way to Kagami-Kun's place.


To say that I was worried about Kuroko-Chan was an understatement.

In just a few weeks, I had noticed that she was eating a lot less than she normally did- which wasn't a lot to begin with. She had stopped playing basket ball. Just... Out of nowhere, stopped. Even that demon dog she so adores, Tetsu #2, had begun to look glum, even so far as sitting next to me on the bus during team games, and not doing anything annoying.

Coach, and captain both had noticed the change, but seemed at a loss about doing anything about it. Kuroko-Chan always had an answer, to everything they asked her, even finding excuses to not eat the burgers I bought her, thinking that maybe it would cheer her up. She just gave me an emotionless smile and thanked me, then proceeded to tell me she would stick to the peachy drink she had bought with her. She had even stopped drinking her favourite milkshakes, opting for the drink bottles she carried around with her.

You couldn't really tell through her clothes, or her uniform, because it always had been too big for her, but you could swear that her cheeks were beginning to hollow out slightly, even her tendons in her neck stood out slightly. She was thin to begin with, but it felt like it was bordering beyond unhealthy now.

I sighed inwardly; I couldn't think of a way to help her. I was helpless, and she was blind. All I could do was be there, and be her light in her shadow world.

A tug on my jacket sleeve jolted me from my thoughts, and with a start, a certain light blue haired girl stood beside me, her long hair tied up in a messy pony tail, and thick black eyeliner rimmed her glassy ice blue orbs.

"Kagami-Kun," her pale lips said "are you okay?"

Mentally I snorted. Of course she would be the one asking if I was okay.

"Mhmm." I replied, smiling softly at her, as I patted her head affectionately, earning a scowl from her. "Shall we go then, Miss. Shadow?" I joked. This earned a weak smile, and a nod from her. I could hear her music playing softly from the single cord dangling from around her neck, the other lovingly placed inside her ear.

While being wrapped up in my own thoughts, she had begun to walk ahead of me, her pale skin seemed to reflect the late spring sun, giving her an almost angelic glow. That's when I noticed. Her thighs, though they were already skinny, were once a healthy toned shape, were now thin, and looked like I could wrap a single hand around each one, almost more than once. They no longer touched, and you could see no muscle mass at all. My heart felt like it was pumping ice through my veins.

Kuroko was starving herself!



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