The Girl Was Always "Okay."

16 year old Destiny Smith struggles. Just like everyone else. She's not different she's not special and she's. DEFINITELY NOT SKINNY. Destiny has battled weight when she got into her teenage years. She wants to lose it so bad. She will literally go to any lengths. ANY.


1. "Meeting Destiny"

Chapter 1

"Meeting Destiny"

There she was, staring. But the reflection staring back, was never her. Destiny was 5"8, soul searching brown eyes and well. Fat. When you look at yourself in the mirror you might think "Holy shit, I need to lose some weight." We'll think of that but about 290 ibs.

Luckily for her she carried a certain pride about the way she dressed so no one could ever guess her real weight but everyone knew she was hiding something. She had the will power to work out and do it often. But it was always what she ate that would make it impossible for her to get skinny.

Confidence is key. In this novel you're gonna read what her life was like a typical day and all her friends and the whole gist of her becoming

"Always Okay."


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