This is a story about a girl named Callie the younger sister of Luke. Connor Franta her ex- boyfriend gets between her and her crush Ashton. But what happens when she gets amnesia? Read to find out


3. Luke can but I can't

Callie pov

I got into the pool since Luke and Ashton's little scene in the house. I was slowly drinking my coke when Mikey, Cal, Luke, and Ash all came out. We were all in the pool I was talking to Ash.

Luke pov

I was talking to Tiana and I toatally am like in love with this girl I think I will ask her to be my girlfriend soon.

Cal pov

I was talking to Bailey and OMFG she is fine af. She I so interesting and I just love her but I don't think she would feel the same way.

Mikey pov

Halle. Were do I begin her eyes are so beautiful not to mention her nice kind smile and how gorgeous she is I really like her.

Callie pov

"So Ash do you guys play tmmrw" I asked. "Yeah we do I can't believe Luke didn't tell you" he said. "Luke didn't tell me he was in a band until almost a year after so I'm not that suprised" I said. "So do you wanna come" he asked. "Sure it's a date" I said. He chuckled. I mean come on it wasn't really a date. Was it? I don't know me and ash are kinda like friends with benifts. We gazed into each others eyes. He leaned in so did I now we were only centimeters apart. The our lips connected. It was a gentle kiss after a minute or so he pulled away. He looked at me almost as if he was asking me if it was okay to kiss me again. I grabbed his shoulders and nodded yes. Our lips connected again moving in sync. He licked my bottom lips

asking for entery but I denied we fought for domination and he won putting his tounge in my mouth I let him explore. "Callie Marrie Hemmings" Luke yelled. I pulled away "yes Luke?" I said as if he didn't just see us completely making out. " what do you think your doing" he asked. "I'm just sitting here having a covo with Ash" I said. "Well you had quite the covo now didn't you" he said. "You not allowed to kiss anyone" he said. "I'm almost 18 I can do what I want" I said. "No you can't" he said. I got out of the pool grabbed a towel and ran upstairs to my bedroom. I heard footsteps coming. It was Halle. She came in and calmed me down. "Where is Baliey" I ask. "she said that she was getting some juice and she would be right up be right up but that was 10 minutes ago" she said . We decided to go find her. Well getting juice wasn't the only thing she was doing she was also making out with my brother. "DAD!!" I yell startling them both. "Yes baby" he said. "Luke is kissing Tiana". "And what's so bad about that" my dad said. "Well when I was kissing Asht-" I was cut off by my dad. "You know your not allowed to kiss annoy one till you're 18" my dad said. "Dad I'll be 18 in 4 days" I defended. "I don't care as long as it's not 7:05 pm on June 14 2014 you're not kissing one god damn guy" he said. You're probably wondering how I kissed connor. Well you see when I was dating connor When I was visiting my mom and she doesn't care if I kiss or who I kiss, but when I told him I was going back he went haywire slapped me told me were over and then walked out. I wasn't mad bc I can wait 4 days until I kiss Ashton again

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