This is a story about a girl named Callie the younger sister of Luke. Connor Franta her ex- boyfriend gets between her and her crush Ashton. But what happens when she gets amnesia? Read to find out


2. flirty Ashton and protective luke

Callie pov

I was driving home from the mall with Halle, Tiana, and Bailey. I got home and we went inside to go swimming I told luke we were going swimming bc he worries. He wanted to go so then everyone was going swimming. "Hey beautiful" Ashton said as he came up stairs. "Hey" I said.

Luke pov

"Luke we're going swimming" I heard Callie yell from upstairs after we finished heartbreak girl. "Wait! Can we come" I yelled back. "Sure" she yelled. "I put my guitar down and the amp and went upstairs followed by Mikey Cal and Ash. "Hey Beautiful" Ashton said. I felt my protective side getting more and more fired up.

Callie pov

I could see luke getting a little protective. "Are you coming swimming with us" I ask him. "Yeah" he said. "Okay meet us outside" with that me and the girls headed outside. Luke was the first one out and Ofcourse did a backflip into the pool. Ash came out and snaked his arm around my waist as I jumped a little. "Sorry did I scare you" he asks. "Yeah" I said. "Sorry love" he said before placing a light kiss on the top of my head bc I was only 5'7 he was much taller than me. Luke saw this and obviously got very protective. "Ashton can I have a word with you in the house" he said. "Sure Luke" he said. They walked in the house.

Ash pov

We walked in the house. "Why are you flirting with my sister" Luke said clenching his jaw in anger. "Cos she is perfect" I replied. "Well I don't want her getting hurt again after what Connor did to her" he said coming closer causing me to step back. "Mate I love Callie and I would never hurt her in 1 million years" I said. "You better not or I swear I'll kick you ass Irwin". He said.

Callie pov

Ashton came back outside pecked my cheek and did a backflip into the pool.

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P.S Callie and Ash are not dating

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