Family Secrets

No one ever knew about the identity of Morzan and Selena’s daughter, Merlena. For fifteen years she lived with the gypsies. Her mother’s dying wish was for her to protect her brother but stay hiddden. Now Galbatorix's new plan forces her to reveal herself in order to save Murtagh, and their other brother.


1. Prolouge

We ran as fast as my legs could carry us. My mother’s panting grew heavier behind me. It wasn’t much longer till we heard shouting and the clinging of metal. Before we could step out of the woods my mother pulled us aside. I could see how much paler and weaker she got since we left The Spine. “Merlena, do you understand?” My thoughts were so focused on her I didn’t hear what she said. “I need you to promise you’ll look after your brother; watch over him, but don't let anyone see you,” this seemed more of a command than a promise, “and lastly,” she pulled me in closer, “don’t let Galbatorix find you.” I shook my head blinking back any tears or any signs of weakness. I am my mother's daughter. She gave me one last kiss on the forehead and walked onto the field. I watched as she collapsed. A man came running to her. As he held her tightly, I watched from behind the branches as she took her last breath.

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