Family Secrets

No one ever knew about the identity of Morzan and Selena’s daughter, Merlena. For fifteen years she lived with the gypsies. Her mother’s dying wish was for her to protect her brother but stay hiddden. Now Galbatorix's new plan forces her to reveal herself in order to save Murtagh, and their other brother.


2. Lake Leona

~~~ 15 years later~~~

The cold crisp water splashed against my face welcoming me into a new day. My senses woke up to the scenery around us. Everything called my name to join in the beauty of Lake Leona. I knew better than to wonder off from camp but this morning felt different. The sunrise sparkled off the lake. Ripples were interrupted by the bugs dancing across the surface to the sound of their own music. Was it elvish music or is it like the music back from home? A shadow cast across them. I looked up to see a hawk glide over peering into the lake hunting for its prey. Moments like this help me how today is my last day of freedom; the day before I lock myself in the company of the Varden. Lake Leona distracted me and seemed almost inviting for a swim. Checking once more I began to strip down feeling the wind wrap around my bare shoulders. A snap came from behind. Lorn was stumping around still half asleep. Her blonde hair tangled with twigs.
“Are you trying to scare me Lorn?”
Apparently I must of scared her as she jumped realizing she was not alone.
“Sorry I can come back.”
“No stay. I enjoy the company.”
She came to my side as she started washing up for the day. Her hands were more calloused than mine from working with wood. Everything about her was beautiful, ember green eyes, slender frame, long wavy blonde hair, toned muscles from sword matches and work. I looked in my reflection only to see my straight dark brown hair, gray eyes, and the scar tracing from behind my right shoulder blade to my neck. A dreaded family gift and nothing more. Lorn broke into a laugh looking into her reflection.
“Why didn’t you tell me I look this terrifying?”
I shrugged, “I thought it was your new look.”

She shoved me as we laughed. As we headed back to camp I saw that Glyeenhart and Durthren were already up and cooking breakfast.
“What’s to eat today?” asked Lorn. “No don’t tell me let me guess – leftover stew, again.” I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Well maybe if you stop slowing us down we would be feasting with the Varden by now,” Glyeenhart explained as she pushed back her hair.
Lorn grabbed an apple and just shrugged, “No matter we’re close anyways. Maybe we’ll get there in time for supper.”
My thoughts kept going back to the Varden. We trust them and they trust us, but for me it was different. Lying about my past life became natural after a year, but the Varden have been nothing but kind and honest. If only they knew, then I would be treated as their prisoners. I shuddered at the thought and grabbed me a bowl of stew. This trip was different. One night a dream came to Durthren; a dream about a next big war, and a new dragon rider needing our help. I don’t understand how a rider would need the help of Elementors, but when Durthren looked at Glyeenhart an unspoken decision emerged. We don’t even know his name or how trained he is. I waited for everyone else to finish packing camp, catching one last glimpse of The Spine. To many it was a forlorn place, but it’s been home these past years to me, Lorn, Glyeenhart, Durthren, and all the other gypsies.
“If everything goes well, we’ll be home soon.” Glyeenhart said as if reading my thoughts.
“The sooner the better,” I said as we headed towards the Varden.

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