Another Note

I am Beyond Birthday. I have killed innocent people for my personal reasoning of experimentation. I am known as the psychotic serial killer of Los Angeles. Namely, I prefer myself as just curious.

This is the story that leads to my death...

(This story is the kpop version of Death Note: Another Note)


1. Replacement Characters

Some birth dates and ages are changed to fit the story

~Beyond Birthday, played by: Lee Teamin

Gender: Male

Alias Name: Beyond Birthday

Real name: Lee Taemin

Age: 21

Birthdate: July 18, 1993

Extra Info: Pretending to be Kai and has Kai's partner Sehun into believing that Lee Taemin is Kai.

Role in Story: psychotic murderer who attempts experiments on his victims and pretends to be the greatest detective Kai who is working on the Los Angeles BB Murder Case.

~L. Lawliet, played by: Kim Jong In

Gender: Male

Alias Name: Kai

Real Name: Kim Jong In

Age: 22

Birthdate: January 14, 1992

Extra Info: never shows his face to his workers, not even Sehun, but hides his face behind a computer with the name Kai showing on the screen only.

Role in Story: World-renowned detective who takes on the challenge of taking down the killer Beyond Birthday.

~Naomi Misora, played by: Oh Se Hun

Gender: Male

Alias Name: Sehun

Real Name: Oh Se Hun

Age: 21

Birthdate: April 12, 1993

Extra Info: working on the Los Angeles BB Murder Case with Kai, unkown to the fact when he meet Kai in real life, instead of on screen, that he is in fact BB.

Role in Story: F.B.I agent assisting Kai in the Los Angeles BB Murder Case.

~Believe Bridesmaid, played by: Zhang Yixing

Gender: Male

Alias: Believe Bridesmaid

Real Name: Zhang Yixing

Age: 22

Birthdate: October 7, 1991

Role in Story: murder victim

~ Quarter Queen, played by: Lee Soo Hyun

Gender: Female

Alias Name: Quarter Queen

Real Name: Lee Soo Hyun

Age: 13

Birthdate: May 4, 2001

Role In Story: murder victim

~Backyard Bottomslash, played by: Lee Jinki

Gender: Male

Alias: Backyard Bottomslash

Real Name: Lee Jinki

Age: 26

Birthdate: December 14, 1987

Role in Story: murder victim

Characters will be added on later in the story if needed.

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