Another Note

I am Beyond Birthday. I have killed innocent people for my personal reasoning of experimentation. I am known as the psychotic serial killer of Los Angeles. Namely, I prefer myself as just curious.

This is the story that leads to my death...

(This story is the kpop version of Death Note: Another Note)


2. Prologue

It is now August 13, I was onto my third victim named, Backyard Bottomslash. Real name, Lee Jinki, age was of 26. My decision to kill him was to continue my clues leading the police to my last victim. Everything about him seemed to be perfect to play the part of my third victim.

My killings are useless, but I still kill to experiment on my victims, because I am curious if someone can die from massive hemorrhaging. I suppose you can say, I'm psychotic, but I prefer the term... Curious.

As my third victim lies before me poisoned, with limbs spread open, I carefully exam my knifes sharpness. Of course, the knife was chosen carefully, after all, I do have to cut through thick bones... My victim squirmed in fear, which made me smile at the thought of my superiority to this weak fool. I readied my Knife on the left shoulder of Backyard Bottomslash, pressure building as I press deeply into the skin, making sure to have a clean cut. The terrorizing screams of pain muffled by the blaring classical music in the background. Classical music always bring things to be more fun and lively as I kill... It also muffles the agonizing screams of my victims as I proceed my experiments.

"Don't waist your energy, Mr. Backyard Bottomslash, no one can hear you. Wait, or do you prefer Mr. Lee Jinki?" As my victim squirmed, the cut became messy and I frowned.

"How dissapointing, I wanted a clean cut. Learn to be more patient, Jinki."

Well, to explain what is happening now, I should start from the beginning, huh? You must be very curious as to where this all began and how it began anyway.

First, I should start with an introduction about myself, after all this story is about me anyway. My full name is Lee Taemin, but I prefer to go by my alias Beyond Birthday. I am one of the successors of Kai, my mentor. Kai is the world- renowned detective who is now working on the Los Angeles BB murder case. Which of course involves me playing the psychotic serial killer, but again, I'm curious.

Is it a crime to be curious about things? When I was in school, it was always great to be curious, to always ask the teacher questions. Only this time, my curiosity has gone to the extent of taking someone's life...

I was born in the Wammy house, which is a house for special kids, kids who have special abilities. Kai, was one of the many who was the most special. Second up to his ability was me, Mello and Near. We fight to be the successor of Kai, although, I'm far more superior to be losing. I wanna eliminate my competition. I will win. I'll beat Near and Mello by any means necessary.

Now back to the story, well... How should I begin this journey up until now? It all began with... No. That's not good enough. Shall I start with, the journey begins with one letter. No! Too cheesy. Crap, I never really thought of writing a story, but since this ones based off of my life which is far more exciting than anything else, I decided why not? I still don't even know how to start it, which proves I'm not fit to be an author, but it's always good to try.

I suppose this will end up being the prologue, so I end this here and let the real beginning start in the next chapter...

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